Whats Happening

There is so much stuff happening within the amazing Havana’s House and so we decided to create this page to give you an opportunity to get a little bit more insight on what’s going on. Well I’m here to tell you what’s going on, in fact we have a whole lot of things going on right now including some really great new animals that we are getting into our house. We have all of these new and used wonderful animals that are just looking for for a new place to lay their head down at night.

Take a minute or two to come out and visit us and become a part of all the phenomenal things that are going on here at Havana’s House. We have some really incredible things going on, we have adopt a pet day which is coming up and we hope that everyone takes an opportunity to celebrate this great holiday and adopt their very own new companion and give them the loving home that they deserve.

In other news we’re doing so fantastic with all the incredible detonations that we have been getting from so many wonderful community members just like you. We want to thank each and every one of you, if I had time to I would write all of your names done on here and write down a personal thank you so that you would be able to read it for yourself on this page. But unfortunately I do not have that opportunity to do so, so I’ll just give a big shout out to all the amazing people who decided to donate their time come to donate their money, or even to donate their used items so that we were able to help out these deserving pets as much as possible.

Join in our next upcoming event which is going to be bringing your dog to the park. Bring your dog to the park is going to be an absolutely wonderful blast, enjoy hot dogs which I know may seem a little bit weird because you don’t want to feed your dogs hotdogs that might seem like cannibalism. So we’re going to have some other food for your pets so you won’t have to worry about that issue. But like I said, come enjoy a cookout with hot dogs, chips, and all the soda you could ever put into your belly.

The last event that we have coming up is going to be a real sight to behold. We have come up with a place that has a gigantic hill and we’re going to make the world record longest slip inside. But wait there’s more, not only are we making this gigantic slip and slide but this is going to be an opportunity for you to bring one of your newly adopted companions to it so that you can go down together. Be sure to check out our pop-up tent where we will have photos of you crossing the finish line with your pet. This wraps up this week’s page of what’s happening and we hope you enjoyed reading it, and we hope to see you out at our events of bring your dog to the park and of course the world record pet slip and slide.