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If you’re looking for the opportunity to rescue your very own animal, whether it be a dog a cat or even a chicken and this is exactly the place that you want to be. Go ahead and fill out this amazing contact us form be sure to include your name your phone number and of course your email and become a part of the amazing Havanas’ House family. It is important for us that each and every animal finds a home and that is exactly why we have created this amazing place of animal rescue.

We also have the wonderful pet supply store so that whenever you rescue your own new companion or even a used companion you’re going to be able to buy everything they are going to need to live a full and happy life. If you do not know what your pet is going to need that is okay because we have the professional advice who is highly skilled and highly talented and knowing all about each and every animal and is going to be able to point you in the correct direction at the you all about the wonderful supplies that we have to offer you.

Make sure that you go ahead and fill out this wonderful form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible because we know that each and every animal within our wonderful house would absolutely love to find their way into your home and to your family. That these animals that are often broken and battered down find new hope within your love. Welcome them with open arms into your home, but start of course by filling out this contact form so that we can speak with you and hope to find the perfect animal that is going to fit in and make your family complete.

You may have been to an animal rescue before but there is nothing like the wonderful way that Havana’s House has taken these often all but forgotten animals and give them them a new purpose in life. If you’re looking to get a dog this year it then you definitely want to make sure to come and check out what we have to offer here, our pets are constantly coming and going coming from bad homes and being put into new homes so be sure to check in frequently and see if you can find that perfect puppy that you can give all of your love to.

When it comes down to it everyone deserves a second chance and everyone deserves a home so please be sure to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and we can begin working with you in finding out exactly which pet is going to fit in best, perhaps a duck is going to work out the best for you. Personally I know several people who have ducks and absolutely love them. Or maybe you are a cat person, there are several cats that we have that we could place in your home so come and visit them, interact with them, and decide which cat you can tolerate the most.