Success Stories

“We have had such an incredible experience with Havana’s House and would definitely advise anyone who is looking to find the best place to rescue a pet to get in touch with them as soon as you can. Personally in our case we decided to adopt a beautiful Labrador that just looked like he really needed to find a new home and seemed as if he was going to be the perfect fit. And boy was he ever, we are absolutely in love with our little Butter Chup as he is been able to bring so much personality into our home. He really does brighten our home and brighten my day every time I walk in the door. We cannot think Havana’s House enough because without them we would have never had the opportunity to even meet this little Butter Chup of ours.” – Roger T.

“My name is Paul and we had the chance to adopt, or I guess we would say a chance to rescue Patrick the parakeet. Now whenever we first heard about Havana’s house I wasn’t really to keen on the idea of rescuing up at you know I would rather just go buy a brand-new one. But as soon as we walked into the doors of Havana’s House my wife and I just could not stop staring at this baby blue bird. My wife and I talked it over a little bit and we decided that we did not want to go with the big pet, so we decided to go ahead and bring Patrick the parakeet into our home. We are so happy that we did and if you’re looking for the best place to get a bird or may be you even have a bird and just need supplies then you should definitely check out Havana’s House.” – Paul J.

” We had the opportunity to meet a cute little chicken that we now call Big Chief. Now I know that chickens are female, but we let our six-year-old son name her and he decided on Big Chief. Big Chief is 100% deaf so her previous owners decided that she wasn’t worth keeping any longer. We found her at Havana’s House and looked as if she you was just about to give up on her purpose in life. Lucky for us we came just in time, we immediately fell in love with Big Chief and thought it was unique to have a deaf chicken. Whoever said that chickens can’t make great pets? As this little chicken has picked its way deep into our hearts and has made itself a part of our family.” – Steve C.

“When we discussed getting a cat in the past my husband didn’t really find any interest in getting a cat. And I understood, cats are pretty independent and he has enough independent women in his life if you know what I mean. But he came around to the idea of it as it was going to be a lot less work than taking care of the dog I wanted would have been. And that is where Sassafras comes in. I decided that I didn’t want to get a new kitten, but that I wanted to have the opportunity to rescue a cat and we had a chance to find Sassafras at Havana’s House. We cannot thank them enough for rescuing her and then giving us a chance to bring her to our own home.” – Julia P.