Welcome everybody to this incredible page where you are going to get a little bit more insight on what exactly Havana’s House is all about and why we got started. Hi, my name is Havana and I started Havana’s House because I absolutely love pets and it just breaks my heart anytime I see a pet being neglected are not being taking care of the proper way. We made this wonderful house as a way to find those pets that are deserving of a new home of their very own, a more kind and loving home in fact.

It is so important to me that animals are rescued, we specifically are able to bring in those animals who are standing in need of a brand-new home and then we give you personally the opportunity to adopt them from us. This is really going to be a joyous event, we absolutely love when we are able to connect a dog, a cat, or even a fish and we can see the joy that it brings those animals as well as the overwhelming joy that it brings the new owners.

There are so many ways that Havana’s House can make a difference, of course as I mentioned you can adopt a pet from us and we will make sure to get them taken care of and ready for you to bring them into your home. Another wonderful thing that we offer is our incredible pet supply store, this is going to help us to ensure that every pet gets exactly what we deserve we only stock the best and the greatest so that we know that your companion is getting exactly what they need. We do not have the ability to personally feed, shelter, or take care of every pet in this world but we can definitely ensure that what you are going to buy from us is exactly what they are standing in need of.

A little bit more about me though is that I have three sisters and one brother. I of course am the oldest though so I know all about helping to take care and watch over younger children, so of course I am going to know how to take care of any animal and provide them with what they are needing. I’ve also had a chance to grow up with several pets of my own, and not even just your normal dog or cat, yes I have had those and still have dogs and cats but we also have turkeys in several chickens as well. It is absolutely so much fun to me and I’m so happy when I get a chance to interact with all of the animals we have as they truly are a part of our family.

So here we are, we have Havana’s House and the opportunity for you to take care of a pet and truly rescue them as you bring them into your home. Please be sure to check out what we have available here and getting contact with us as soon as you can if you are even thinking a little bit about the possibility of adopting a pet. You should also go on over to our success stories where you will be able to see from first-hand experiences the difference that we can make together in the lives of so many animals.