Please fill out the form below to make a donation.

One of the wonderful things that makes Havana’s House so great is all of the people that are so willing to donate anything they can to help us supply these deserving animals with exactly what they deserve and what they need. If you have a gently used or even a new item that you wish to donate go ahead and fill out this form that we have and be sure to include your name, your phone number, and of course your email. Whatever type of pet supply you have to offer or to donate we know that we are going to be able to find a home for that thing and make good use of it.

Let’s say that recently your dog passed away which is going to be an unfortunate event and I’m sorry, but if you are not planning to buy another dog then why throw away their leashes, their beds, and that huge supply of food that you just recently bought for them? Why not think to donate it as this is going to be very helpful for someone who has just recently adopted one of the dogs that we have available here at Havana’s House.

Perhaps it is not even pet supplies that you would like to donate, but maybe you have a pet that you would like to donate. We all know how it is, your kids wanted a brand-new puppy but as soon as it started to get big the kids began to get afraid of it or just decided to neglect that poor dog. Give that dog a new brighter future and let us take care of him and find a new home where he will bring the wonderful love and joy to a new family just as he was always meant to do, because animals were meant to have families too.

Donations are really going to be what helps us to make this a better world for all animals. Animals like dogs and cats, fish, chickens and turkeys. Even larger animals are all going to be able to benefit from your kind and loving donations that we so greatly appreciate. We absolutely love the wonderful community that we have built around Havana’s House and really do consider all of you a part of the Havana’s House family.

So as I mentioned before there are a few different ways that you can donate. You can donate supplies, you can donate animals, or perhaps you feel like donating some time, whatever it may be go ahead and get in touch with us as soon as you have a chance to do so and we will be able to see how we can fit in some of your generosity and some of your time that you are so willing to give to us. We may be all filled up with volunteers, but that is going to be something that we can let you know all about. This truly is going to take more than just one girl’s effort, and that is why we need everyone to pitch in and do everything they can and making sure that these animals that are all too often forgotten about remembered once more and get taking care of. So begin by donating today.