Look no further than Tulsa Animal Rescue for your adoption of a rescue. here at Savannah‘s house, animal rescue and pet supply store. We do it all. This company was created to help with the shortage of poems of animals needing rescue. Our main goal is to get these dogs and cats into a wonderful home. They want a family again. Are you able to provide them, the life that they deserve? You answered yes please take some time and look into rescue adoption. When you choose to adopt a dog or cat, you are choosing to give them a better life. They have already been through so much. We want to make the rest of their time as fun and as easy as possible.

Tulsa Animal Rescue takes the hard part of the animal as well as a human. We make sure with all adoptions that the animal is going on to a good home. We try to provide the best we can here. We had the same expectations for the adoption of these. Our dog and cat are a happy and healthy home for them. Our trained professionals that work with us will make sure that with your new pet that you are set up for success. We have a pet shop as well that carries any and everything you might need for your new animal. Speaking with the associate will get you set up with everything that you might need in the shop for your new furry friend.

We want to make a difference here at Tulsa Animal Rescue. Our customers are so happy with their new animal rescue. Smooth those customers are saying that they have been around too many animal rescue homes but Havana‘s house is the best one for them. And if they ever were
to want another animal, they would definitely come back and visit us, and let us help them by helping us.

Each and every animal that comes in stays in the family here. We offer so many amazing things to do. We have days like adopt a pet day, which tells of a lot of animals and hopefully a lot of homes. We also bring your dog to the park. That is a group activity that we host and plan here to bring your new puppy. These animals just need love. We have so much love to give, but there’s so much to give it to you. If you could help us out as well as you if you are looking for a new animal, please reach out as soon as possible and find a special fur baby. Choosing to adopt is a wonderful decision and takes a lot of effort, but with your help we can show them how big of hearts we have for them.

On our website here,https://havanashouse.com/ you are able to go on and read all about us. You are also able to make a donation to help the dogs and the cats that are in rescue right now. You also have a tab under testimonials. This will be where all you can read about our hundreds of success stories with relocating animals, and cats into new families all around.

Tulsa Animal Rescue | don’t shop choose to adopt

Take a look at Tulsa Animal Rescue if you were looking into getting another cat or a dog. People do not realize how many dogs and cats are in the adoption agency. Our goal here is to find as many dogs and cats happy homes as we can. We have multiple options over dogs and cats. We have such a wide variety. We have anything your family can and want.

Tulsa Animal Rescue is the place to find your new furry friend. Whether you’re looking for a cat or a dog, we have so many options. We hope everybody can come in and find their best friend. You might have been to an animal rescue place before but not like here. What sets us apart from the other rescue houses is that we go the extra mile for our animals. We won’t stop until every dog is off the street and every cat is off the street. No dog , cat or anal should ever have to go through what they do.

Did you know here at Tulsa Animal Rescue we have a pet supply store? so that when you adopt your dog or cat in the future, you are able to get everything you might need. If you are getting a new dog, you will need the essentials like a dog bed, a leash, a harness, as well as a bed. Unless you let your dogs sleep in the bed. The store also has starter set ups for cats as well. You were able to purchase their food as well as some essential vitamins that they might need. You might also need groom essentials for your dog or cat and conveniently we carry all of that as well. We can definitely get you fully set up here with a new pet and all your new essentials needed for them.

We strive to be not only the best for our customers but also for our animals. We take very good care of all and each animal that comes in. We are only just missing you. Yes you. We need you to come give these special babies a place to call home. Give them the love that they have wanted and needed for so long, but never got. Can you do that? I believe in you because we believe in them and with them, you will have happiness and love.

With this link here https://havanashouse.com/ you were able to go online to make a donation to Havana’s house. You can also contact us as well with your name, phone number and email and we will be in contact with you over an adoption for a rescue shortly. We appreciate all of the help and giving back to these babies we could not do without your help. Thank you.