Here at Havana’s house Tulsa Animal Rescue we go above and beyond for all animals in need. Since you’re looking for a place to be able to donate your time maybe even donate money to be able to get back to the homeless population or maybe you know someone who’s actually looking to add a furry family member to their home go directly in over two Havana’s house today. You can also reach Havana’s house by donating or just simply going into the facilities in person but they have a website where you can donate to ask additional questions or be able to schedule time to come meet for baby that need to home.

Tulsa animal rescue like Havana’s house is one in 1 million they always make sure that they never turn in animal down and they always have a great track record of finding animals homes and a short amount of time. So if you know a family member or friend that can no longer keep their animal but you want to ensure that the animals can be well taken care of when surrendering them to and rescue turn them over to Havana’s house and they will make sure that they’re able to take care of all your needs whether it be a dog cat bird hamster rabbit gerbil hamster parakeet parent doesn’t matter the size the breed or the age of the animal.

We want to ensure that most importantly for getting all the older dogs and cats and adopted first because they usually are always the last be chosen and that’s just because their age. That older dogs and all the cats need love too. So to savanna’s house because here we go about beyond for animals every single step of the way and one make sure that they are loved and we show that love through pets and kisses and hugs as well as to healthcare. So if you want make sure that you’re adopting an animal that is well cared for then Havana’s house is a different place to go.

Havana’s house is a true place that always goes above and beyond for all their animals no matter the breed the age or size. It’s most important that every animal feels loved even if they had been rescued off the street or abandoned by their families and left to fend for themselves we want to make sure that every animals taking care because they are God’s creatures and God cares about his creation to look us up for more information about Havana’s house today.

Tulsa animal rescue is just a simple website away and you can look up Havana’s house and be insured and understand and rest assured knowing that this animal rescue has deftly at the top of their game when rescuing animals in all shapes and sizes. So we can reach us on our for additional details information or where to begin to adopt.

Are You Looking Forward To The Tulsa Animal Rescue?

Contact us about adoption here at Tulsa animal rescue by the name of Havana’s house. Where the. Place even though we have been risky for only a couple of years we are taking the animal rescue industry by storm. And we just base it around our success based on your donations as well as potential donations from potential donors. If you’re also looking to volunteer we can eat all that we need all the help that we can get. We can’t help that we cannot turn animals away. We know sometimes just assuming more animals and there is room but we also want to work with another rescue so that we can get all the animals taking care of happy and healthy in every way.

Tulsa animal rescue is just a simple visit away or just simple click away on our website at website We make sure that we can proclaim ourselves of the best animal rescue because we are the best. Reach out to us today and see what difference we are making in the lives of animals of all shapes and sizes breathe and species. We want to continue to prove ourselves as one of the best places for animal rescue and the Tulsa Metro area.

So contact us for information about adoption or whether you’re looking to either donate or maybe even volunteer at our facilities. The more the merrier. If you’re looking to be able to add volunteers for school project or maybe you’re looking to get some volunteer hours for your community college we are accepting volunteers now. We need volunteers for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday but we also need volunteers on Saturdays and Sundays. So pick a time pick a day that works best for you to be a come to our visit CR facilities in person to see how we work things out as well as how we do the rescue process.

We always make sure that we go above and beyond for all our for babies that need adoption. So whether you are looking for a kitten or maybe you’re looking for an adolescent dog or maybe you’re looking for an older breed of any size we have all of them. We especially have dogs that have a little bit of a disability such as blindness or deafness and those doves are usually always the last to go but they need the most help and they need the most love. So do not ignore the older breeds or the older cats and dogs they need your love to you.

Contact Havana’s house for the Tulsa animal rescue hat is taking the adoption world by storm. If you’re looking to see what featured animals we have up for adoption as well as contact us for adoption it questions and concerns, or donations or even looking to volunteer after school and have an afterschool volunteer program contact us today at for additional details and information about how to get started working with Havana’s house. It’s all about what you’re willing to get back in every little bit matters.