Only use the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer when you use Havana’s House. Not only are we an animal shelter, but we are a well-established pet supply store as well. Find the cutest animals to take home as well as all the supplies that are needed to take care of them properly all at our one-stop shop. We know from the success stories we have available on our website that we are bringing together humans and animals for a beautiful relationship. Let us show you all of our furry friends that are needing new homes and safe environments.

It is so important when thinking about obtaining a new animal to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer instead of looking to purchase an animal. We understand the want of a particular breed of animal, however, there are many animals in our communities that need a warm home. Instead of continuously breeding new purebreds, there are plenty of abandoned animals in the area that would love the same treatment as expensive pure breeds. Why spend extra money in a recession when you can invest in better materials needed for the animal’s wellbeing instead? There is a great chance you are going to love this mixed breed just as much.

Donations are always important when you find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer. Here at Havana’s House, we accept all donations of animal food, animal training equipment, shelter materials, or even animal toys. Perhaps your dogs are not liking that new dog food brand you purchased for them. Instead of throwing that food away, we would love to take it off your hands for the dogs we have at our shelter. You may have even had a cat that has passed on, but its food and water bowl are now going unused. We have plenty of cats that will enjoy those bowls if you are not able to adopt a new cat.

If you are looking to do more than adopt or donate, we also have volunteering options for those truly looking to make a difference. Here at Havana’s House, we have many different opportunities to offer volunteer work as there are always jobs that need to be done around the shelter. When you go online to our website, there will be an inquiry section where you can submit your information to offer volunteer work. Once submitted, our staff will be in contact with you and all the different volunteer work we have available.

Only go with the best animal shelter and animal pet supply facility in the area for all your adoption, donation, and volunteering needs. Havana’s House is going to be the only place for you to invest your time and money into. To see all of the different animals we have for adoption as well as all the success stories of our adopters and adoptees, you will want to go online to to also submit your inquiries. We look forward to changing the animal community with all of your support.

The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer | Let Us Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

For the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer you need to use none other than Havana’s House. Havana’s House is an animal shelter as well as a pet supply store. Not only are you going to be able to take a loving animal home, but you will be able to skip an extra stop by obtaining all of your pet supplies from our shelter. With the success stories of our past adopters and adoptees, we know that we have the potential of providing blossoming relationships that will ultimately benefit our animal community. Let us connect you with your forever friend today.

Our organization is in place to encourage the community to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer instead of purchasing animals for sale online. Not only are there many cons circulating breeding animals, but oftentimes animals introduced to life in this environment end up as strays. Instead of continuing the breeding process of new animals, we encourage adopting animals that have been left behind. You may have your heart set on a particular breed, but there are many different mixed breeds that have all the characteristics your family is looking for.

Many people may not be in the market to adopt, but you can also use the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer when you are looking to donate any pet materials that need to be repurposed in your home. If your cats are refusing that new brand of food you have purchased them to try, then you can bag it up and bring it to Havana’s Home today. Do not throw it away when there are other animals that need that food. If you have a chicken coop, but no more chickens, we actually have plenty of chickens that could use that shelter.

If you want to do more than adopt and donate, we always have volunteer work available! Around our shelter, there are always jobs to do and we would look forward to accepting all the volunteers on our team as possible. Upon checking our website, you can submit an inquiry showing your interest in volunteering. Once submitted, a member of our staff will get in contact with you as soon as possible to inform you of the different volunteer options available. We look forward to you continuously gracing us with your help and support.

To see all of our featured animals available for adoption, you will need to go online to our website at We will also have all of our success stories and donation inquiries available on the website as well. Contact us directly to help with all adoptions, donations, and volunteer work. You are not going to regret working with another shelter as we work diligently and tirelessly as possible to ensure the animals that inhabit our communities have a safer environment to call home. Make a difference when working with Havana’s Home today.