Complete an application for the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer by adopting from us here at Havana’s house. I’ll usually rescue groups it does with our procedures said usually recommends that you know you you fill out an application for adoption and you also have a go to place for veterinary services that you can take the animal as well as we usually do have a veterinary reference that we can talk talk to people about because then once you adopt from a certain Michael from our rescue connection go to a certain veterinarian to get the spay and neuter procedures done and usually that will include about you know just kind of meeting you in person to find out whether or not you are best fit to adopt animal.

With us as a rescue organization, we are volunteer-run and we do survive on your donations and even adoption fees. So adoption fees do vary because we want to make sure that Verizon a dog or if Verizon and whether or not the cat. And so you know that might include significant costs such as at pick up our travel of any kind of animal might need or also veterinary care’s like vaccinations food Spain neutering training and more. Usually will do the vaccines I had a veterinarian about the net veterinary clinic that we partner with as well as doing this phase and neuters.

Also most of the animals that we adopt don’t go into one facility they usually are going into a foster home of volunteer members of the family as well as friends at volunteer their homes as well as their space able to host a dog or cat for a certain amount of time until that animal is adopted. And usually, we are pretty quick at finding animals their homes. So this is definitely a transition especially in the forms and I rescue foster homes as well as generally always being able to buy the doctors with basic information to aid in a successful transition from foster home to a permanent home. We are the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer by far.

Three out to us today because here at Havana’s house we are still probably one of the largest growing and private volunteer-based animal rescue groups in the Tulsa Metro area. In usually about $.60 60% of cats or 49% of dogs are strays and 20% of cats and 34% of dogs are actually surrendered by their owners. And so usually there are enough there to rest of them are usually transferred from neighboring facilities are important shelters and cells.

Contact us today for the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer by name in his house. We are the premier place to go we also can be found on our social media pages such as Facebook instrument and even on twitter because we always rely on the rise of social media to be able to help aid us and pet adoptions. To visit us at our website There you’ll be able to see our recent pets up for adoption to find the best fit for you and for your family.

Whenever You Are Looking For The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa Has To Offer?

The best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer is Havana’s house where we are providing future for animals of all shapes and sizes breeds and ages. Whenever one image we never went any animal to feel that they have been abandoned. It’s all about providing you as someone who’s looking to adopt whether a cat or dog nation and some of the stats because usually when you are adopting from a shelter or a animal rescue. Column now.

So Havana’s house is five for the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer because they care about the future at the animals. And usually be transferred like the largest amount of dogs and cats we carry all you know we need to take care of all animals of all shapes and sizes but most the primary time it usually cats and dogs. In usually 60% of the cats in 49% of the dogs are that we get are usually strays and even a 30 to about 30% of the dogs are usually surrendered by their owners just due to their living across the nation or they have a landlord that will not allow animals.

In usually have very rarely to become upon dogs and abuse that we want to make sure there were always being in the right space for either dogs that are strays surrendered it to us by owners or one center in abusive situations so that we can actually begin at socializing them and be ready for adoption. Also we work basis 100% off of volunteer basis.

So we want to make sure they were always able to have a platform on social media so that we can provide anybody who’s looking to be able to provide or even adopt from animal rescue that they can find us on social media outlets so that we can actually help find pets there suitable homes as well as match people with the animal that will be the best fit for them and for their home.

So find out more today about the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer by the name of Havana’s house. Confines of social media pages to be able to find appropriate or help allow us to be able to find appropriate people that are looking to adopt as well as immediate surroundings as well as create online networks be able to allow people to be exposed information about a animal adoption from either rescue or shelter. Look us up online today here at Havana’s house. Our website is There you’ll be able to see how to leave a donation volunteer or just look for animals that are currently up for adoption.