It comes to having The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer, just know that you are going to be working with his action actually work with us here at Havana’s House. We truly care about animals and we really want to get them off the streets and homes. We don’t want any animal going without. We see some animals who don’t have shelter not the water and most appointment they don’t have anyone to love on them. So we want to step in and be that middleman so we can get those animals out of those bad situations and take care of them until you are there to adopt them and take them into your home to care for them for life.

If you never doing on the road and you see a dog wandering and you think I will take the dog comes I can get them in a painting cleaned and give them something water, you know that it’s very fun to do that. People will see that but they will actually stop and take care of them. We are not like that. We will actually take them home and we will take care of them and get the many shots we need get into that and make sure that it happened food and shelter that they need to continue living.

We just want to get a camera the best chance at life and we know that we can do that if we had the donations from you and me have you adopting these animals. You can donate to our cause by going to her website but you can also look into The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer and visit with us in person so that you can easily Tamils herself and them. You’ll realize very quickly, but you can take everything one. Actually going get the money at situations where details are so loving and so kind and they deserve the best.

We know that every family wants to eventually have a pet and muscular that were paid have kids and the kids want to have a little puppy salinities kitten stalagmites and we had that for you. We even have chickens if you want to. We as having a most you need by then we want you to be the one significant. Will do a thorough vetting process make sure that you are not someone who is undeserving of the pack. But if everything checked out, you can take today. We don’t keep them without any longer and we need to think of in a home that is loving and is getting a good night.

So take your time. Call today or visit our website online by tuping in You can also visit us in person by going to Havana’s House. We are the absolute The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer and what you realize that so they can start to work with us. Even if it’s just simply a success on rescue mission 50 animals out of vaccinations. That specific time. Just cause is a really truly want to start working with you and we want to help you adopt animals today.

The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer | Always Putting You First

If you’re wanting to work with us here at Havana’s House and you are looking for The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer, just nothing that’s you getting. We are still currently passionate about what we do that we don’t cut corners and we don’t take any shortcuts. We make sure that we going to these animals even if they are in a seriously bad situation. We especially work hard to get them out immediately. If we don’t have, come and adopt them for years, they will stay with us they will be happy until we left.

Although we can live on and we can keep the minister, we really want you come adopt them. We want to be in a home that is consistent and it is getting in some sense of normalcy. It very important for generals to have some kind of routine that they can have that with you and we went out for them. Even though we love the elites in the, but in the second addressing them, we really just want them to be in a home that they can be taken care of forever. We want to be a part of the family.

Soon that they’ll be part of our family here at rescue company, we also want them to be a part of your family. It can be very appointment and you get the love that your family can get them so search for us by looking for The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer and contacting us today. We can help you on the street adopting a patently want you to be rescuing your own animal. We have on that you could possibly want to choose from. And if you ever met rescue and we can how loving and kind they really are.

These animals simply got abandoned because of their species. We think this is extremely wrong and the panels are also treated badly because of their species are because of the way that book or some kind of situation that they may have with the deformity or something. We hate this at the passionately want in this cruelty. When you work with us you be working with people who are passionate about not just seeing the problem but actually someone who is working to fix a problem very wholeheartedly. So the things that we can actually help you to not only a doctor unable to control us by the need to.

If you don’t have room in your home to adopt a new pet for your wedding to donate to The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to Offer, single-handed out here at Havana’s House. You can go on her website online by typing in our website address which is You can fill in a contact form you can click on our donate button can let us know you’re wanting to help in some way. Even if donating is donating your time. That’s all that we are asking for and we would truly love to have your our store with all of our animals. They would left to live on you and get to know you.