It’s very important whenever you’re looking at getting an animal fair household, you think about adopting one incident is going on purchasing some purebred something or other. Having adopted and what does it mean they are getting about animal. Must a tenant means that this person’s owner didn’t want to keep them, or something means that the mom or dad of the puppies had an owner who didn’t want to keep puppies and didn’t want to be a good person and actually let people buy them or come and take in. Basically dump them on a side road and hoped. When you want the best animal rescue in Tulsa to help you, make sure they are working with us.

We know that we can do a great job in getting you an animal to adopt and we know that we can do a great job in rescuing animals so keep us in mind whenever you are searching for someone to add to your file. These animals are loving and mayors are kind and it’s really just want to be loved by a good family. We hope to put them in your home we hope to match them at the family that is to be just as good for them for the family.

When you are the best animal rescue in Tulsa, it means that you have a lot of pressure to get these animals and keep them safe and keep them in a loving environment until they are tempted. Most people fold in a kind of defend the pressures but not us here at rescue company. We actually love being able to be called an online say we saw dog the rookie please look at it. Because we love to get up and go get it. The want to rescue everything that we can and we make it our priority in life to do so.

So anything about who is this person to adopt a dog from or where can I get a good dog. Where can I getting a cat? If you’re thinking about all these things and wanting to start the process of adoption, don’t hesitate and don’t just jump in and something. Call us first let us talk you through the process of letters that you see if we got any animals of the good match for you. If you’re looking to live on a pet we got up at his looking love on you. It’s that simple.

So visit our website to find out more information. You can also visit our website to contact us. That is going to be online by typing in with You can also look up Arnie which is Havana’s House. We are known for being the best animal rescue in Tulsa by anyone who has ever adopted with us or anyone who has ever helped us to rescue an animal. List of people who return to us not to talk to use by the supplies we have in our store. Anyway we know that we are getting the will help you with whatever your needs are. So if you’ve got an animal that you want to do production, let us. And when you want to talk. A separate anyway, were to be the ones to help he said just give us a call today.

The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | Who founded Havana’s House?

We know that it can be actually sad to think about losing a pet or thinking about and I said to have with one of your patent your wanting to start considering getting a new pet. Not to replace field, but just add some more furry love in your life. So whenever you work with the best animal rescue in Tulsa, you can be working with Havana’s House. The reason being because we are super passionate about what we do and we want to make sure that animals are given a true chance at a happy life.

Because I have actually started Havana’s House, you can look at the name. She started it because she’s passionate about getting animals and lie. She is heartbroken anytime she sees an animal being treated badly and she does not like to see them being mistreated. So any animals that are neglected or need to be rescued from a bad situation, she is on it immediately. You cannot you getting animals of her because she’s actually loving on them herself while they are waiting to be adopted.

That is why we are the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Because I take time and effort of our own secure phase animals. We don’t just stick them in crates and then hope for the best. We are day in and day out taking caddies animals and making sure they have not only the basic necessities of water, food, shelter, and more. But we are actually playing with them. Were showing them how to accept loud because it never had it and were showing them that they can actually section of people are not being dumped in a field somewhere.

We would help you with your rescues. If you have seen an animal being mistreated somewhere let us know because it will call the owner we will take animal from them. While we will call the proper authorities will get animal taken forcefully. Anyway we want to the situation immediately. It can be for the best for the animal and given the best chance to regroup and get a better lifetime. We also want to help your family to adopt. So let us know whenever you’re needing because we got the business to help you.

This is why we are the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Because we care. We actually have passion for this. We don’t do this for profits, we don’t do this for me, we don’t do this for free. We literally just do this because we love animals so much we want to help them all. So make sure they are working with us by going to our website and fill our contact form so that we can actually get in touch if you see how we can partner together to help save more animals. We will never stop a Tri-Cities animals and give them good homes, so if you’re interested in on in adopting or helping rescue, just let us know because we want to be able to work with you.