The best animal rescue in Tulsa | what rescued animals mean

For Havana’s house rescue and all means an amazing gift from God. We have a chance to give animals to people who want them now do they want them I don’t know because I don’t know them but if there on our website and probably do, or they want to donate an animal to us. We have a shop that lets owners of animals by things that they need for their pets you probably have any reptilian or aquatic things mostly dog and cat things. This house is a pretty way for you to get an animal quick and easy or donate an animal quick and easy if a pound doesn’t let your animal day there to get adopted you can always come to Havana’s house that we will accept.

Animals are sacred to the world, they they have done nothing wrong that we know of they could get in trouble sometimes a dog a trashcan or cat scratching the couch you don’t need to give these away if they did nothing wrong but I don’t need to suffer so donate them at Havana’s house the best animal rescue in Tulsa. We ride people to adopt or donate animals to Amanda’s house we will accept most animals in the range of patents no Tigers, Lions, or any of. We will accept dogs, cats, chickens, and geckos. We could accept reptilian or aquatic animals but no snakes.

At the best animal rescue in Tulsa we have given animals shelter, love, and healthiness, for them to wait until they get adopted and they get more love. We all love to see animals happy we also love puppies, puppies are adorable, and sweet I’m saying this because so many animals of the babies that no one wants so we will accept until they get homes together. So I’m saying that come to Havana’s house best animal rescue in Tulsa to adopt or donate or just plain shop for your pets.

If you adopt a pet today you will get opinion for the rest your life will love you and cherish you to the end of your journey. We’ll make sure every animal will have a good journey until the adoption. We will make sure their homes are good and safe for the pets and are healthy and clean and not cruel. So adopt, donate, and shop at the best animal rescue in Tulsa, Havana’s house.

All animals need love so what I’m saying if you’d operate animal you have to give it love. Will make sure they are good clean before they go. You can also find the types of animals you want at the website. On a better chance of being the dog you want, like if you want a nice small dog or a nice big dog you can find those here if we have. We would also suggest members of the world to donate animals that you can’t keep track of or feed to us the best in rescue in Tulsa, Havana’s house. It would be delightful if you would adopt not just donate. We do not accept frogs, snakes, aggressive geckos, or aggressive dogs or cats. So come to Havana’s house the best animal rescue in Tulsa to adopt, donate, or just plain shop.

The best animal rescue in Tulsa | exclusive rescues

This house is all about rescuing animals that are in need of shelter and love, also take care of pets. Even though we are not that the vetinarians we also care for the animals that we will get if you don’t want animals please donate them to live in his house because if you just give them around doing nothing rotting starving them neglecting them ignoring him ill just be terrible and they will have a bad time so please donate them here we need them to have a better home than they have now cannot care for them. Or you can have them because you like moving somewhere across state and he can’t bring them with you we’ve also take them in a will given to a nice caring and compassionate family that will love them for who they are and will always keep them unless they move and they donate them back to us.

If you are moving and and you can’t keep your animal you feeling that I could have a terrible life if you just donate them to us we will not let them have a terrible life all up and have a good life with good family good heart and they will have shelter of food will make sure we check up on them occasionally most importantly they will they will have love flowing from the soul they can also call us if they have problems with the animal. And in them what can and will you’re trying to delete to us I mean like frogs just let them go in the wild blessed like of the B frog can’t take care of it. Cats and dogs mostly are accepted because we can take care of them. But also chickens and geckos are also accepted.

Animals always the love and here at the best animal rescue in Tulsa of Havana’s house we will take care of them love them and people will take them in and they will also love them if they are not a good person they will not be able to get the animal we make sure that the people will good at will make back. Also at the best animal rescue in Tulsa, Havana’s house we supply a pet store for things you need for your animal, companion. In our store we supply aquariums, leashes, dishes, beds.

I most ultimate goal is to make sure the animals have a good home we will even take animals from the street that you just find randomly, will take them in with exceptions and again if you’re traveling to another country to their will take in your animal. So come in today at the best and rescue in Tulsa, Havana’s house you can either donate, adopt, shop.

We just take animals we also let people adopt animals so if you’re looking for a companion to love, to share with your family, or a friend, we have it here at the best in rescue in Tulsa Venice to come in the day to adopt, donate, and shop. We also have many other things for instance if you’re looking for animal defined in animal we have shop supplies stuff for your animal. We will care for the animals, make sure the people take in the animals love, and provide many items for the animals.