We know how can be dried on the road and see an animal wandering around and worrying about if they’re going to get hit. You find yourself looking in the rearview mirror and decided to make sure that they don’t want. And never fails that they might ferment up in the hunt on their governance irony for this huge sense of relief. While you work with us at Havana’s House, you are working with the best animal rescue in Tulsa. That means that you get when you know the dog on the side of the road is feeling you can get when you know that we’ve got rescued and adopted to a great home.
So we should have come with any of the rescue. Don’t go to the pet store to go to these big adoption events. You can do those in now be great but beginning some of his also looking into getting a profit from you. What we do here. At Havana’s House, we only care about getting up at the top. We don’t care about making profits. Mentioned that you in the pet are good for each other. So we had a full vetting process that we do to make sure that you is a clear before you ever take them in your home into. Make sure the animal feels like a human mental succumbed with before they ever are legitimate.

So we will also make sure that you have all the supplies you need in order to get home. So we do not just you high and dry going to buy all the supplies. We will supply you with some stuff and you can get there as they are but we also have supplies that ours doors so that you can’t come back later to get the same things you’re getting whenever your doctor them. In a way that makes us the best animal rescue in Tulsa. So whenever you’re adopting animal must that is coming from someone who has truly invested their time and passion into this creature to make sure that his love Don and cared for. So is an honor to be able to adopt them.

We never want to see an animal going without leveling or wanting it will sign a shelter or food or water. And this is these are the kinds rescue. These are the kinds of homes we rescued him from. Let’s rescue them from people who are trained to be aggressive or train them to buy people or train them to just be all-around mean creatures. It’s not how they are actually defined side we want to be able to reverse and give them a loving, shows them how they can actually just be themselves and be loving and goofy and they for balls.

So as you are thinking about adopting, make sure that you’re working for the best animal rescue in Tulsa which is as at Havana’s House. I website is www.havanashouse.com and you can find more information as well as conduct is. You can also donate to our store to be able to give supplies and financial means to these animals who need to be rescued and have it yet.

The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | We are so easy to work with!

We know how she can be 20 going adopt an animal and you have all distance intentions in the world but then you get to the store to adopt them in either be adoption fee is too high or there so much before you can get there or they find some reason not to let the animal go home. Here at rescue company, because we are the best animal rescue in Tulsa, we will never do this to. We won’t get into had an adoption fee were not make things difficult for you to really only thing that will are you good person. I actually love the funeral. Actually to take care of the symbol. Answers yes. You can adopt them. We really just want to put the best animals with the best and make it a perfect match made in heaven.

So are you on the documents and all the things that come into play whenever you’re trying to act. We make this easy for you we truly want to help and we know there are families out there who wanted animal but maybe can afford it really have a lot to give in the world.. Opinion was also looking to give all the love that they have to family. You kids deserve a great animal using the green millennium animals deserve you. So working to match you guys to make sure that you are taking care of each other.

We love to rescueif you see me anywhere in the Navy rescue please let us know. We are the best animal rescue in Tulsa and get these animals out of their bad environments are in the car so we can actually on them and nurture them and feed them and play with them until they have the family went to the doctor that they are looking for. The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa means we are experienced. So we any longer because we know how important it is animals are commenced as possible. We want them to grow up with you. Even if it’s an older animal, they still have time what we want to be.

You animals of any breed, age, weight, size,’s. Julie is matter. We just know when we see an animal in need we do everything we can to get the animal that asked environment and into our safe. Are Havana’s House, we have the space in the supplies and staff to make sure that an animal is cared for in the best way until they are adopted into the best home. So I you looking to adopt an animal just know that we’ve got plenty of them free to come and look out with us.

Delicious time with anyone else. Come to the best animal rescue in Tulsa which is as at Havana’s House. Where the most professional, the most reliable, the most obsessed with ending animal cruelty. So when you want help with that and adoption animal you deserve some love, visit our website www.havanashouse.com for the call so that we can get you started today.