The best animal rescue in Tulsa. We are easily going to be able to help you do everything that you need. We can help you with getting the animal adopted we can also help you with getting supplies for the animal. The reason you should choose us over going anywhere else is because we simply do a better job at being able to foster relationships with animals and humans.

Not only do we offer and surrounding areas we do a great job of consistently offering it. Were always going to be here we’ve been here for a long time we’ve seen so many animals that have been able to get adopted out to wonderful families and see most families blossom and flourish in those animals Floris we’ve seen animals that had been beaten and act sad and scared and we see them two years later and they’re playing catch at the park with the kids they are smiling from ear to ear if the dog could smile.

We have seen so many reasons why you should come here over going anywhere else the people just simply get treated better when you come here to us. We are going to make sure that were figuring out what animal would be best for you and your family and not just trying to push animal on you which is really great because many times you see that people will try to end up like kind of pushing animals on you just to be able to adopt them they’ll tell you here take two dogs three dogs take six dogs and that’s not what we want to do because we realize that if you do get that many animals and try to simply save the world you’ll and that getting burnout and overwhelmed and those animals will be right back in the place that they were in the beginning so instead of that we really want to try to foster the right home for the right animal that way it sticks. We do a great job of helping you with your pet.

This is definitely going to be one of the reasons that we are the best animal rescue in Tulsa and the surrounding areas because we simply do a better job than many of these other people do. This is the best for dogs and cats to come if they do not have home. Trust us here at havanas.

We also have the ability to say instead of adopting a patent happy to go pay to get them spayed and neutered and having to pay to get them their vaccinations this is all going to be part of the adoption price and that’s one of the reasons that we are going to excel above the other places because we just simply don’t charge you as much money as they do to be able to adopt a pet we truly are the best animal rescue in Tulsa and I know it. Get a hold of us a

Are You Asking Why You Should Choose Us The Best Animal Rescue In Tulsa?

We have animals available right now that you can rescue and it will really work well for you to be able to have a pet that is so well-trained once you get them home you can train them with the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Have any spats trained is really awesome many times the animals that are rescued people think that they cannot be trained and they can these animals just simply want to be loved.Once you get a chance to come and see us will be able to see quickly how much it means to us to be able to help these animals find homes. There is no denying we are the best rescue in Tulsa.

We are going to help you get the dog of your dreams or the cat of your dreams today. We are the best animal rescue in Tulsa and everyone knows it. There are no better animal rescues that are going to be able to offer you the kind of help that we do. Were very good at what we offer them are going to be able to continue to do great things for you so please don’t hesitate or waste any time at all get a hold of us now and will show you time and time again why we are going to be the best option for anyone looking to adopt an animal.

When you choose us you’ll be choosing the best animal rescue in the area because we really are the best animal rescue in Tulsa and the surrounding areas and everyone can agree to that because we simply have testimonies to back it up these people have discovered that when you come out here the prices better there’s better customer service the animals are animals that truly need saved and not just animals that are being pushed off onto you.

I have so many different reasons that I can help you be careful about adopting animal some other places many times as animals you’ll die from other places just simply are going to have the kind of problems that you think many times these people are just over breeding dogs are taking inappropriate action on the dog beating it things like that and they get it taken from them this is not what this is this is more like we find stray dogs that just simply need a good home that’s loving and we help place them in that home.

There are 1 million different reasons why you should choose us but I think the biggest one is just simply because we are so passionate about the service we offer so many wonderful things to you that will be very difficult for you to be able to find someone else is going to be as good as we are. We love being old offer these things to you were going to do a great job of it every day so please give us a chance to show you again and again right