The best animal rescue in Tulsa is for the shelters and rescues and legal by the name of Helena’s house. Some fun facts about shelters and rescues is that between 68 million of animals actually end up in shelters every year only half of which would be actually adopted and the rest be euthanized. 25% of pets in shelters are usually purebreds or even mixed breeds. And so you can actually find a breed-specific rescue and agree group as well as being able to find your find a purebred dogs and puppies looking for new homes. But we here at Anna’s house provide rescue for animals both cats and dogs of any breed.

The best animal rescue in Tulsa provides homeless pets with healthcare issues as well as socialization. Because usually, the majority of the time that we deal with at any kind of homeless that is because their owner is surrendering them to us due to moving across state or having to do with landlord issues as are usually the top reasons for people relinquishing their animals to us to our rescue. Amanda’s house. But we are currently full of wonderful written family-ready pets be able to take home right now.

Also if you looking to be able to adopt a pet whether a cat or dog from a shelter rescue and you’re also looking for on a rescue in the area then you can look up Havana’s house. Because we also do require a pet adoption fee that can usually cover the cost of vaccinations and also space or neuter surgery. We partner with other veterinary clinics in the area to where they can do that Spain neuter for you for free because of our relationship with our rescue. Also there might do any kind of extras but that’s usually with enough if he covers. So you want hat it’s deftly a bargain rather than having to go to a puppy mill or are our breeder. And Mo shelters and rescues like us have also provided behavioral now see each cats make sure that the right fit for any family.

And also our shelter and our rescue group can also provide you advice failed to make sure that you relationship with the best with your pet is the best it can be as was provided in much-needed information able to have the correct living environment for that pet as well. So sometimes pets every rescue are most compatible with kids in the house or even dealing or not a good fit for a family that has a dog already.

To reach out to us today here at Havana’s house for the best animal rescue in Tulsa. You can also look us up online at our website Because we devote our time in our efforts as well as our volunteer energy to be able to buy the best situations possible whether there in our facility or they are in one of her foster homes. This is a nontraditional kind of rescue we want to make sure the ravens to provide shelter for all types of animals not just cats and dogs.

Where Can You Go To Find The Best Animal Rescue In Tulsa?

If you’re looking for the right pet then turned to the best animal rescue in Tulsa by the name of Havana’s house. Also we devote most of our did the daily needs of animals to be able to provide blankets food toys and so much more if you are fostering the program as well as through our facility here in Tulsa. If you’re looking for a nontraditional rescue to where we can provide you a happy addition to your family or to your home look us up online by going to They be able to make sure that you’re able to connect with the right one for that right animal for your home.

The best animal rescue in Tulsa is always bringing a comprehensive info source of information on how to doctor how to rescue and make sure that you’re always having the best options. You can find the best options here with our rescue. Of course, if you’re also in high school and maybe oncology are looking for volunteer information or maybe need some volunteer hours we are in need of volunteers in the area.

So if you’re looking for the right animal or you’re looking for the right animal begin at your new home order for your family for your kids look us up online for heaviness rescue. Because we connection recently usually receive animals every day people that are as either surrendering their path or maybe cat that had kittens and we need to be able to make sure that were able to by this kittens once they are weaned off their mothers milk to be able to find them homes as well.

So if you want to build a visit your local rescue or your local shelter and usually we always have lists of the pets and their names as well as a short little biography about them so that you can see what animals we currently have up for adoption. And do not forget to actually visit us important in person because you can actually find out find your perfect match by actually meeting them in person.

Because when we when you adopt from us it’s about making sure that you’re able to find your perfect match and meet at animal & fall in love with and to see if you are the best match for that animal. You’ll find us For the best animal rescue in Tulsa. We are the right one to go to especially for the is looking to be able to have a one time of donation or maybe even a recurring donation of cash or of resources such as toys food bowls food blankets and beds. Call us now for more information about how to find the right animal for you and for your family today.