Only work with the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa and that is going to be none other than Havana’s house animal rescue and Pet Supply Store. With an owner that has started the company only to rehome every animal that is without, you can feel good knowing that you were working with a company that has morals and ethics. Not only do we have adoption opportunities available, but we also have a pet supply store that we know you are going to love. If you are interested in donating or volunteering for Havana’s house, then we would be more than happy to go over those options with you as well when you get a hold of us today.

You may be asking yourself why should you be looking to adopt from the best animal rescue in Tulsa. instead of purchasing an animal on the internet from a stranger and pouring a ton of money into a possible scam when we are in the middle of the recession, you can simply adopt a dog that is Neighbors with you, but without a home. and we know that the ladder is going to sound a lot more tempting to you than the former and that is why we have created a heavy in his house. we are happy to be a no-kill shelter, so come on by knowing that you are going to be able to adopt one of the future animals we have on our website.

Donating to the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa is super important as we like to use as many resources as we can and it rehoming animals instead of having our pet supply store truly thrive. when you use our company, know that you are able to donate much more than money. we take animal food, animal supplies, and animal toys as we have plenty of different animals that are waiting temporarily for their forever home. they deserve to still be happy waiting and that is exactly what we are going to provide them today.

Perhaps you are a Hands-On person and volunteer work sounds more up your alley than adopting your donating. we will still be excited to work with you and would love for you to fill out an inquiry whenever you go online to our website. whenever you put your contact information in and submit it, We will have a friendly staff member reach out to you as soon as possible. they are going to give you all the opportunities you will have to volunteer as well as a different job that we need help with.

We thank you and advance for all of your support for Havana’s house animal rescue and Pet Supply store. we are truly trying to provide the best for our animals and we hope that you were able to support us in that effort. it doesn’t matter if you were wanting to adopt an animal, donate animal supplies, or volunteer at our animal shelter, we appreciate all of your help. go online to our website at to learn more information as well as submit your inquiries there.

The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | Adoption Over Purchasing

There is only one place to find the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa and that is going to be none other than Havana’s house animal rescue and Pet Supply store. Not only do we provide all of your pet adoption needs, but we are also going to be your one Stop Shop for everything that you will need to train and take care of stray animals. Do not stop at any other store when you can get all of your shopping done here at Havana’s house. We have a mission to rehome every stray animal that is in the community and we need your help to do that. Know that you are working with an amazing company whenever you adopt an animal for us.

It may surprise the public to know that it is better to adopt from the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa rather than purchase an animal online. although you may think that you are going to receive a purebred animal, you may be scammed out of your hard-earned money. not even talking about the dangerous aspect, but there are plenty of animals that are alive and we need to be taken home to a loving home at Havana’s house. we guarantee that you are going to be able to find a mix of reads that you will love as well as a set of characteristics that are going to perfectly match you and your family.

However, if you’re not able to adopt from the best animal rescue in Tulsa, we are always accepting donations. money donations are fantastic, but we are accepting donations such as animal food, animal equipment, and animal toys. if your animals are turning their nose up to their new brand of dog food, then you are more than able to back up that food and bring it over to our facility as we have plenty of animals who are going to be able to utilize it. do not throw any of your old animal items away, if we can repurpose them, we are going to take you up on that opportunity.

Volunteer work is a wonderful way to get involved with Havana’s House and fully support our mission. there is plenty of work to be done around our shelter and we would love for you to be a part of our team. you are going to be able to do that when you ever go online to our website and submit an inquiry showing your interest in volunteering. As soon as you put down your contact information, our friendly staff members are going to be reaching out as soon as possible to tell you all the different opportunities you have to volunteer.

There is no time to waste when there are plenty of animals that are waiting to be rehomed at Havana’s house. be sure to go online to our website at to see all of our future animals as well as our inquiry submission form for any questions you may have regarding our company. if you are trying to adopt, donate, or volunteer, then you need to get in touch with Havana‚Äôs house and the rescue and pet supply store today.