Havana’s house is very affordable because we have so many different incredible aspects of our company and the best animal rescue in Tulsa. You’re going to be able to go through a lot of different phases in life and some of these phases are going to make you feel like you want a companion and if you do want to companion in your loan please come adopt an animal because were going to help you get the right animal for sure and you’re going to have peace of mind knowing that you save this animal’s life.

You may feel like you’re not a very big factor in this issue but you will be every life counts and so we want you to know that. Keep that in mind we are because we know that and we have a passion for animals and good families. Were very affordable because many places when you go to their rescue you’re going to have to eventually or even right after you get the dog get it spayed or neutered and then you know there’s always can be those vaccination cost and we give you all of that included that way you don’t have to put that extra money out and it’s can be a lot better on your wallet.

Many other rescues in the area claimed to be the best animal rescue in Tulsa but they just simply don’t hold a candle to the kind of customer service and over-the-top experiences that we give our clients. When they come out here to buy animals and adopt an animal they’re going to really feel special they’re going to feel the love that their giving. You can even see all the success stories about what I’m talking about right on her website.

Not only are we going to help you decide what kind of animal that you want to adopt were going to do a great job of helping you get all of this done as soon as possible. These animals the adopted right now I mean yesterday. So please come and visit us. Bring happiness to your home and rescue a dog or cat from us today.

If you have not had a chance to come out to our facility and see the best animal rescue in Tulsa then please do it today because you’ll really fall in love with these animals and then you’ll know better which when that you want to choose to be your pet. So please don’t waste any time come and see us today and let us prove to you again and again that we can help you with everything you need. Our program is set up to be able to help foster these animals in his relationships and give you an opportunity to be able to give life to an animal in a second chance it may have not had one before give us a chance to get a hold of you by going to our website and contacting us at www.havanashouse.com

Why Do We Strive To Put Our Customers First Here At The Best Animal Rescue In Tulsa?

We put you guys first by looking at what animal would best fit your family and the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Instead of just dumping an animal on you and giving you an animal that you may not necessarily like or may not really be a good fit for your family and end up making you want to get rid of the animal again we actually take time to find out who you are as a family and a person and find out what animal would be most conducive to the environment you’re going to putting it in. That’s very important to us we want to make sure that these adoptions stick and we don’t want to be a bad adoption there’s nothing worse than having someone adopt an animal and then it ends up being a bad fit and they want to bring the animal back or they want to give it away that’s just a horrible feeling and so we want to make sure that you we don’t have that issue.

We always put you as customers first by also helping you with cost we want you to feel like that this is a affordable option because when it becomes unaffordable and the cost get too high it just really deters people from even wanting to adopt minimal because now they got to pay for veterinary bills and to get the dog spayed and neutered and vaccinations and all of this can add up so come here were we have a pet shop right here at the rescue and you can buy the supplies that you may need to initially get the dog or cat taking care of and we also lump in those cost for the spay and neuter and B’s right from the beginning.

I think that’s probably one of the most important things that we do that way you’re not have to worry about having more dogs are more cats you’re just going to have one. All of this adds up to us being the best animal rescue in Tulsa for sure. We want you to have the best animal possible for you and your family that’s what we really make sure that we focus on that.

Not only are we the best animal rescue in Tulsa but we do a great job of helping you to find the right animal for you and your family. So many times we see the animals get adopted in the just simply not the right animal for the family and were going to help you get the animal right away. We do a really great job at helping you adopt the right pet for your family. Get a hold of us now for us to help you.

So come to somewhere were we actually understand that have a passion for adoption in animals and we can help you put the attention in the right areas. There are so many please get a hold of us today from our website@havanashouse.com. We love animals!