Here are Havana’s House, we believe it’s very important to be the most professional and the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Yes you can go to a pet store and get a pet. Most the time you be adopting his pets. But when you doing that you are not only gave habits you are helping a company make a profit. With us you cannot profit. Leaders want to make sure that these animals are at home. So you my thoughts and forms whenever you’re adopting from a pet store like Petco or pet smart, but not can be going in depth with everything to make sure that you’re a good person.

Must look at my very well on forms to say that they are the person they really might not be the person and we want to make sure that anyone who adopts animals that we rescued is a truly great individual who deserves to have an animal who wants to be loved. These animals have been through enough money to got there anything else you want to make sure that the customer money on them who can actually do a great job. So you ever worry about the profits of adopting Amazon. Leaders want animal to be in a good home.

That’s it makes us the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Because I Havana’s House we are passionate about what we do actually level we do so we make it a lifelong goal to rescue as many animals as possible and get them into good homes. So if you know of an animal that needs be rescued if you seen one on the side of the road or wandering around your neighborhood you know of the family who doesn’t he care animal like they should, let us know because we would be happy go rescue the animals and adopted out to the family that we have fully vetted and who we know for fact if you take great care of the animal.

We truly want to see families happy with their animosity and was happy with the families. It breaks our hearts to see it was being mistreated and neglected and so we want to make sure that never happens as much as we can help it. Have you thought an animal that you can’t take care of medicine because you actually step in and animal that have adopted us. Or if you want to adopt an animal start the process with us today so that we can start vetting and making sure that you’re a good person, even now we think you are. You gotta make sure.

Havana’s House is truly the most passionate and most obsessive and most brilliant The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa that you can find. If you have some is wanting to adopt even if it’s not a silly bead assessment but touch is that we can get them started in the process today. Go to our website and see the different animals we have. We feature a different animal everyday consumer to make sure that the animals are being seen by different people.

The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | How can you know we are good?

Looking into adopting animals, and you’re wanting to know how can I truly know that the person who is adopting the signal to meet is a good person? Well you cannot hear I Havana’s House, we are good people. We are passionate I animals have been from day one. We make sure that everybody that we interact with is for adopting the animals and we will never let one of our animals go to the person that we are not hundred percent and thousand percent sure about. So that is it comes to being the best animal rescue in Tulsa, we had that title solid.

A lot of times there are certain breeds of dogs that will be neglected and mistreated worse than others because of the stigma that comes along with being a dog. For instance the pimple will be oftentimes trained to be aggressive and be rough when really that’s not their nature at all. We cannot propose to wear left in the field to die because some even want them and it was a whole litter of puppies. They got adopted out to someone. Thankfully someone commented rescued them. And then once a to their adopted homes, they are the most loving and most gentle creatures ever.

We truly love animals so we know that we are the best animal rescue in Tulsa because we can actually level on these animals while they are waiting to be adopted. There is no end date for an animal being adopted. We don’t get them at the time we don’t make sure that we have extra spots or extra spaces by putting a dog to sleep if they have been adopted by a certain date. We will never ever do that we want to live on these stocks. Even if it means that we live on forever.

But our main goal is to get them adopted. So we really want you to come to us if you’re wanting to rescue enamel because we’ve got so many that need homes and they are also currently loving and affectionate. We have to looks, we had cats, we have anything that you can think of that we have rescued. And we are rescuing more everything all day. So if you are wanting to adopt or you’re wanting to simply just look at how to start rescuing animals, contact us today because we can give you a head start and we can also get in touch with the different animals that we have to adopt.

Make sure that you call us today for any of your adoption questions that you have. You can go to our website to find out more information and a contact form. Just know that when you’re working with the best animal rescue in Tulsa, you are actually going to be working with the one and only Havana’s House. We are known for our passion and we are known for being outstanding I getting rescues into good homes.