The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | how do you rescue in Tulsa?

At Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store you are going to find that we are going to be the most compassionate provider of animal rescues in Tulsa. You will see that we have is the best selection of animals and will do all of this at minimal price here animal rescue is not just a hobby it is a passion. A passion to serve in a passion to help the helpless. That is why you are going to find that we are at the best animal rescue in Tulsa.

When you go to our website you are going to see our extraordinary story of rescues. You will see is the featured at of the week this week it happens to be a cute little kitten named James. James is going to be an orange tabby kitten approximately 12 to 18 weeks all. James is a silly little guy who loves to cuddle and run around and chasing. James was brought up by a a family member who found him wandering alone after a storm. As we nursed him back to health and had him checked out by the that we found him to be a sweet and loving little guy who is now ready to go to his furever home

We have a large number of help available at the best animal rescue in Tulsa, as many other shelters you. The difference between our rescue and others in the area is going to be at that we can take care of these animals ourselves. Being a smaller facility we are going to be able to ensure the the animal has constant human contact therefore there is no chance of it becoming a feral animal. You are going to understand that our mission is going to be the help rest week babies from these horrible situations.

You can find out more information on our website about donating to with the best animal rescue in Tulsa. Whether you are looking to donate money, time, supplies we are going to be able to accept all types of donations. If you had a animal past and you still have many of their toys, their bedding, their leashes, collars, and blanket these are all things that can be used at our facility for these sweet guys some of whom have never had a toy of their own. Most of these sweet little guys only want to be loved. Many were strays and had no homes ever they were born into the wild and we were fortunate enough to find them. You are also going to see that we have in him some older animals that have been surrendered by their families so that they could have an opportunity for a better life.

You are going to want the all of the information that we have on our website at, where you can read the testimonials about the number of successful adoptions that that we have been able to facilitate. You will also find at this website that we have information regarding donations as well as our website bidding page which is going to give you so much insight into what is going on actually in Havana house. As well as a number of upcoming event and a recap on previous event that have been held for Havana’s house.

The best animal rescue in Tulsa | are you looking for a volunteer opportunity?

Are you looking for an agency to volunteer with to spruce up that high school or college resume? Then I am going to have the most amazing opportunity for you. You are going to have the opportunity to work with the best animal rescue in Tulsa. How you have well I’ll tell you you can go to our website and fill out a form, after you’ve completed this form we will be able to reach out to you to see about your involuntary availability. While we’re hearing that we will also be examining your background to make sure it is appropriate that you are around animals and small children as Havana’s father is a very protective.

Not only are opportunities for volunteering at the best animal rescue in Tulsa, available that we be also be happy to accept any donations that you would like to offer. If money is donated it will be to go to the care of these animals, you can donate money and we will take them to the that an instrument they are all up to date on all of their shot, that they are healthy if they are not this will help provide treatment for them, we will also be able to get them my micro chipped and spayed or neutered as age appropriate. This is going to make the adoption process so much easier for many of our adopters.

With the funds that you decide to donate to the best in all rescue in Tulsa, not only will we be able to help provide the care that these animals need as far as food and medical care but this will also help us provide them with collars, leashes, ways to play with while they are with our. This may also allow us to make up a small goodie bags for the first time adopt keys. What that means is that we may be able to give them a small bag of food as well as the collar or at least that they’ve been accustomed to using while staying with us.

I am sure that you are aware of the number of animal rescues in the Tulsa area that I can assure you that there has been nothing that has come anywhere close to the high quality and high level of passion and energy that this young woman who runs Havana’s house pulling to this cause. We know that there is an epidemic in this a community as far as neglected animals. We have now begun the mission to help rescue the is a poor creatures.

You are going to want to go to our website at and see all of the amazing rescue stories that we have or Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store. There are you can fill out the form to see about possibly volunteering to work with this amazing organization, or to simply find out about how did donate. You can also read our success stories of our happy family that were made whole by bringing up had into their home. You can also check out the list of other animals that we currently have available whether you are looking for a check and a turkey a a cat or a dog we have the variety of animals that you are going to want to find.