To find The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa, you have no other choice but to give Havana’s house animal rescue and pet supplies store a call today. Our founder started our company with the only goal in mind to successfully rehome every stray animal in our community. Although we are not going to be reaching this goal anytime soon, we know that one day it could be a reality instead of a dream. For now, our shelter/pet store is an organization that is run by ethical and kind people. If you are not able to adopt any animal today, we would love to take donations as well as volunteer work.

Many people do not know that purchasing animals is never the answer, but you should adopt from the best animal rescue in Tulsa. At Havana’s house, we are always here to educate new people about the dangers of the breeding industry. Not only do the majority of bringing animals return to kill shelters, but there are good chances that the readers you are working with and giving tremendously large amounts of money to you are con artists. Instead of playing with fire, play it safe and adopt an animal who is ready to come home with you today.

If you are not able to adopt from The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa, then we would love to have your help and many other different ways. We are always taking donations whether it be animal food, materials, or toys. with the many different animals in our care to repurpose those materials, there is no need to leave those in your house and collect clutter dust. If you are no longer using a specific man to continue your dog food, then we would love to take that off your hands. any resource that we can take away from providing financially to the shelter means that we can successfully rehome more animals.

Our company takes volunteer work to the next level as we have many different jobs that can be done around our dog shelters. Thankfully, you can feel peace of mind knowing that you were going to be working for a shelter that is a no-kill shelter. However, this means that we are taking care of animals for a very long time and means that we are going to need as many hands on deck as possible. wherever you go online to our website, there will be a portion where you can submit an inquiry and we would love for you to leave your contact information and your desire to volunteer at Savannah’s house.

Know that you are only going to be working with the best animal rescue shelter out there as well as have access to the best pet supplies in the area. go online to our website at to check out all the different opportunities we have available not only for our streets but for our staff members as well. we would love for you to reach out and give it to Emission or provide volunteer work if you can, but we have many different animals he would love to go home with you.

The Best Animal Rescue in Tulsa | Pawtastic Volunteer Opportunities

You know you have found the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa when you have got in touch with Havana’s house animal rescue and Pet Supply store. Not only are we going to be a One-Stop shop for all things adoption and pet care, but we are an organization that truly cares for the rehoming of strays in our communities. There is a problem of Strays on the incline, and unfortunately, that is due to people choosing to purchase animals instead of adopting. Our mission is to rehome all of the animals we currently have as well as provide them with safe environments instead of the trauma and abuse that they probably experience the majority of their lives. If all of this sounds good to you, then you will want to reach out to Havana’s house as soon as possible.

Many people do not know that it is going to be the right call to find the best Animal Rescue in Tulsa to adopt rather than to purchase a dog from a stranger on the internet. Not only are you possibly getting yourself into a scam, but there is a pretty price tag that comes with a lot of purebreds. If you are looking for certain characteristics in an animal, then we have many different Strays that will probably fit the bill of those characteristics. go with Havana’s house for all of your adoption needs and we know that you are going to be making the right choice as well as feeling in your heart.

However, if you are not able to adopt from the best animal rescue in Tulsa, we are always accepting donations. With plenty of different animals in our shelter, we are excited to announce that we are a no-kill shelter, but this does mean that there are a lot of resources needed to go into taking care of them. we do have a pet supply store, but it is not able to fully sustain our shelter, so if there is any animal food, equipment, or toys that you have lying around in your house that can be repurposed, we would love for you to reach out to us as soon as possible so we can take care of that.

No matter if you are not able to adopt or donate, Havana’s House always has volunteer work available. you will be able to submit an inquiry when you go online and leave your contact information as well as your interest in volunteer work and we will be reaching out to you as soon as possible. Not only are you going to be able to be introduced to our friendly staff members, but you will be able to check out our facilities and see what is needed to be done within the shelter. we would love to add you to the team and ask that you go online today.

When you are online somebody needing an inquiry about adoption, donating, or volunteering, be sure to check out all of our success stories from the past adoption that we have overseen. You can go online to our website at to see all the different animals we have currently available for adoption. We know you are going to fall in love with at least one of them, so be sure to make some room when you’re home for them.