Do you want to help us rescue animal come here today. We want help rescue all the animals we can. We loving S minimal to save their life. If you want to see the light of it and won’t help him get rescue give us a call today. We are the best animal rescue in Tulsa. We leading up to help animals get rescue right here because we want to save their lives and give them a better way to survive right now.

Animal adoption is also available here. If you do want to get animal adoption you can certainly give us a call. That’s our main focus is adopting the animals we fine. And we want to help those animals into a great home. So if you have a great home that you want to give a home to animal with you want to come right here. Were to help you get the best animal for you and you can execute them online.

The pet supplies are also available. If you want to get pet supplies for the animal once you get in you get them right here. You can give you a better rate on pet supplies for cheaper right here in the store. We love offering pet supplies to because of the full package. You can come adopt a dog at the pet supplies defeated everything right here. We want to create relationships of people that are animal lovers right here. We let we are also animal lovers. And want to show you how you can be animal lover just like us. Please come see us today.
Also if you want to come in and look at donations you deafly donate we love taking donations from people because it really helps to be able to get a good home to these dogs right here. The donations are important. If you don’t have the home you can give to a dog you can deafly donate. If you don’t have a home to give to a dog the best way to help save them is by donating so please come donate today at the best animal rescue in Tulsa right here. We love being the best animal rescue in Tulsa.

The website is also really great you get to go on there and see a great website available for you to be able to shop for all the dogs you want to make donations online whatever you want to do you community right there online sites are really great with you to be up to do all the services right there so please if you do want to check the website that you deafly gotta go online and do that it’s a great way for you to not only see everything we do but look at success stories about us and everything else right here. Please go to Havana’s

If you want to come to the best animal rescue in Tulsa you want to come right here. We are truly the best animal rescue in Tulsa and that’s hands down because we have better customer service here. The customer service we offer to blow you away. And if you want to see how we can give you animal rescue and get it right here. Please if you have animal that need to be rescued you want to give us a call today. We can help rescue the animal right now. We love rescue animals to that’s our passion. And that’s what sets us apart as the best animal rescue in Tulsa right there. So please come see us today and see how we can help you get all the services you need right here without the animal if you do want to get an animal adopted consistently.

Animal adoption easier than ever now. If you do want to get the animal without the humans gives a call today. To be able to get all of animal adoption papers filled out right now. We also have the supplies you need for that adoption. And you can help save animals life right now today. You have given the home to change their life today.

If you do want to get supplies we have those here. The pet supplies are to be cheaper than rescue mine. We have more pet supplies and a lot of pet stores. We loving it offer pet supplies. The pet supplies we offer to be more nutritious and better quality. The pet supplies we offer also gonna go back and helping more adopted animals. If you want to give to a places can really use the money the right way you want to give it to here.

Donations are available. So if you do want to give that money to us we be more than happy to take it and use it to help these animals. Lotta people want to help get the animals that are the shelter but they don’t have a home. If you don’t have a home that you love animals you can just donate money here. We love to be up to take this one in use to help better these animals right here with me buying food and better facilities we can do it all right here so please give us a call that answer we can help these animals right now. If these animals need help right now we want to be the ones helping.

The websites are great websites even go online next to shop for the dogs themselves. You can see different pictures copperheads of name profiles and different things about the dog it’s a great way for you to be a learn a little bit more about the dog online with writing before you even see it that way you know what to expect when you show up. It sometimes is hard when you don’t know what you’re looking for when you shop so getting the kids to give a look online for some make a decision before they get here is a great way to be able to shorten the process time. So please if you want to go on the website to do it today at the Grace website ever to adopt a dog and that