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If you want to come build a story with animal can cause today. Can help you build stories with animals by helping you rescued animals right now. There’s been plenty of rescued animals in Tulsa. The rescued animals in Tulsa should come right here. Those rescued animals in Tulsa are our duty. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that these rescued animals have better lives right now. We don’t want them having horrible life you want and not finding homes. One help them find better homes right now. So please if you want to rescue animal comes if they know it will help you rescue the animals need to be rescued right now. Http://

If you do not animal in a bad situation need to be rescued please call us now. Would love to be up to go out there and say this animal from being hurt or injured. Money many animals are treated horribly. Like the pitbull. Pit bulls are treated horrible. A lot of the services that we offer our saving pit bulls. They’re saving dogs there looked at like their monsters and they’re really not. Imagine if you were taken in somewhere and raised by a certain family and then told you are a monster for bleeding those those ideals. It’s insane. We have to learn to teach these animals different ways and practices.

If you want to adopt animal please come do it today because you can help adopt these animals and show them the love that they need. Most of animals and structure. Mostly they don’t need a home that can be warm and a people that love them. If you want to be a warm home for somebody like an animal and love them you want to come right here. We love animals and we love offering animal services to the people of Tulsa. So please come get adoption today.

Donations are also very well accepted if you want to donate something you can certainly do that we also do pet supplies. So the only way we make money off of this is by you buying pet supplies from us what you making donations. So if you want to make a donation that’s a great we love to take a donation from you donations are very important in their great with you to be up to feel like you given back to us without actually happened without the dog. Now you do want to make a purchase and you want to get supplies for your animal you can certainly do not hear me out to anyone who has a pet who need supplies come get them right here from us.

The websites also really a great weight of you to see all the services we offer you go online to the website and shop. You going to the website and contact us. In going to the website and read the about us page and learn more about what we do and how we do what we do. You going to the adopt button right there and actually adopt animal right off-line. You can eat in the success stories. The successor was eventually successful adoptions that went down and why they were so great. So check us out right now at animals in Tulsa | Tulsa rescue

If you want to come see how you get animals rescued faster you want to come right here. We are and help rescued animals in Tulsa find homes better and quicker right here. The rescued animals in Tulsa a lot of times don’t have anyone to advocate for them we can be the advocate. If you want to find someone who can advocate for the rescued animals in Tulsa you found one right here. We are truly animal people. We are animal fanatics. We love helping animals. What is our devotion to helping animals.Rescued animals in Tulsa are what we do. Http://

We are truly helpful people that we love helping people find animals that will truly be a part of their family. If you want help with the adoption services come here today. We’d love to have a family that can adopt animal right now. There are so many animals that don’t have homes today. So please if you want to find a home for these animals you want to come right here. We can help you find homes today. Can help you get these animals the best homes I can ever have. To see the best way to do it. So please if you want to get better homes to come right here. To help these animals get transitioned in the great homes today and help them be loved.

Also one way to show that you love them is to buy pet supplies for them. These pet supplies are great ways for you to be able to see what the animal need and help them play. It could even be simple as a plate way. Seminoles made up lately. Some of these animals that we have. They could’ve been rescued from a horrible situation. And they could have never had someone ever play with them before. Think of how sad that is. These animals have never even had someone pick something up to play with them. Please come here today and see how you can get animal today that can help you feel better about yourself and get what you can play with.

If you do want to make a donation would love to have a donation as well I know that everybody can take a pet and I understand that. If you do want to take a donation up to the actual having this house site you certainly can. You can also go online and donate. However you want to donate we make it available for you. We love donations. That’s a way for us to be up to get money back to give these animals. The donations really help us go far with the animals and help them get everything they need nutrition -wise and rehabilitation was that way there quicker able to be adopted. If you want to help us get these animals to adoption quicker you want to come make donations right here today.

The website is a great way for you to be able to adopt animals. You can donate on the website. You can contact us right there on the website which is a great way to get in touch with us. You see the about us tab. And about the status can show you more about us and what we do. You can also be up to get the adoption services pulled up right there and adopt animal right off the website. You can see success stories online. You see all that stuff right here online. Come see us today at