Havan’s House was founded by Havana, opening a home for Rescued Animals in Tulsa gave her the opportunity to continue her passion of helping pets that were deprived of the happiness and love they deserve. Havana had a dream to give all pets a loving home of their own. All domesticated animals deserve to have somewhere to call home, somewhere they can return to and establish a sense of familiarity with. That is Havana’s dream and Havana’s House commitment and mission, to give pets the loving home and place they are worthy of. Making the choice to adopt takes a great deal of compassion and empathy from people like us. Dog’s aren’t the only pet worthy of being man’s best friend. We offer adoptions under all scopes from turtles to birds, and even frogs. Here we believe in rescuing and rehabilitating allowing the animal to thrive and show they have the ability to show they too belong to a happy and forever home.

The percentage of Rescued Animals in Tulsa greatly increases during the holiday’s. Everyone wants to provide a big gesture of happiness to their family. Just as this rate increases during the holiday the same statistics apply to what happens after the holidays and reality sets in. Many times when a family decides a pet isn’t for them it can be correlated to a simple misunderstanding. It takes a great deal of commitment to take the big step of rescuing any animal and understanding man’s best friend is a part of the great responsibility.

Dogs respond best to repetitive daily routines, most dogs who are a part of a family like Rescued Animals in Tulsa and have a home have a way of knowing and understanding the concept of time. Did you know, our furry friends have no way of understanding the theory of time but they can understand by relying on their nose. They use their nose based on how much of our scent is left at home from the time we departed the day before. Allowing them an estimated time to expect us back home. This is why most pups work best on a routine schedule. Knowing such small facts allows us to understand our pup’s way of communicating. Can you imagine the things our pets would tell us if they could talk?

When a misunderstanding happens the family’s patience is tested. When this happens it lowers the percentage of this family from Rescued Animals in Tulsa again. Although, sad this is our and their reality. How does one understand a living thing that does not speak? This is where and why we recommend taking the time to train your new addition family member. Training can sometimes be out of the scope of most families whether it be because of a financial reason, lack of time, and/ or lack of patience. Havana’s House takes great pride in assuring you and your newly rescued pet are a part of the Havana family. We hold events where you can bring your pet and expose them to socialization with other Havana’s House past and current residents.

We want to always make sure our adopting families know how grateful we are for choosing Havana’s House. If you’re interested in donating to our cause please visit havanashouse.com. We greatly thank you for your time, resources, and donations supporting Havana’s House. Your donations go towards supporting a greater future for our pets and pet families. Together we are more than just another pet adoption facility. Together we will accomplish extending love and compassion towards pets that have long been deprived of such needs.

Rescued Animals in Tulsa | Quality Products for Your Pet

Havana’s House is more than a home for Rescued Animals in Tulsa, we also offer a pet supply store to provide you with all your pet necessities. So your new adoptee is in need of chew toys? We have a wide variety of toys to meet the needs of all chewing levels. Chew toys meet a great variety of needs, some pets especially growing pets will go through a teething phase. This is where they lose their baby teeth and break skin to allow the adult teeth to make their permanent residence, this causes a great deal of need to itch. Another reason for a need for a type of chew toy would be to simply keep your pet busy. Pets, much like us humans, need day to day stimulation. They need to feel useful or have a task to look forward to, something that gives them purpose.

When pets lack purpose they often will get bored and this is where destruction of property comes into place. We offer chew toys built for redirecting negative behavior such as biting holes into all of the family’s shoes! This is what we want to avoid with Rescued Animals in Tulsa. Some chew toys will have a great deal of depth where you can stuff and hide a treat. Your pet will use their nose and make it, it’s one mission to find what their eyes can not see but their nose can most definitely smell. We also offer types of treats that are created to be edible but have longevity in mind. This type of treat would be geared towards helping clean the tartar that accumulates on your pets teeth.

Did you know, much like humans, oral hygiene affects your pet’s heart health? Rescued Animals in Tulsa often lack maintenance towards the upkeep of general health. These animals have never experienced a loving home let alone having someone who vouches for their overall health. The more our pets grow the more important it becomes to continue routine care to avoid costly vet trips. Oral health being high on the list of maintenance.

This can be maintained with a simple chew toy geared towards the purpose of breaking down the build up of accumulated tartar. When tartar begins to accumulate on your Rescued Animals in Tulsa teeth it will collect more and more bacteria. Bacteria that will enter their bloodstream caused by the smallest micro tear. Bacteria can also make their way in and wreak much havoc by a simple swallow that is carried with saliva. Pesky bacteria, stay away!

We take great pride in carrying the best products conducted towards protecting your pet’s oral health and overall health. You can visit our webpage at havanashouse.com where you can read more about our products offered by Havana’s House. We offer more than a home for animal rescues, we provide you with the best quality of products to increase the longevity and improve the overall health of your pet family member.