Rescued Animals in Tulsa | are you looking for rescued animals?

You looking for rescued animals in Tulsa? If you are I have the answer for you. Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store. We are going to be the animal rescue of choice for you and all of your friends and family. We are dedicated to making sure that animals are rescued and then found extraordinary new home to go to to be loved. When visiting our facility you’ll enjoy the large number of animals that we have to offer as well as if he adorable selection. It’s true you may have heard we have chicken and duck as well. We are not your typical rescue we will accept all animal.

So whether you’re looking for rescued animals in Tulsa, or just looking for a cause that you want to dedicate your time to to help we are going to be the solution bag you need. Experience the wonder of animal rescue for yourself. It is an amazing cars that we are truly passionate rat here at Havana’s company. You are going to want to find out as much information about us as possible therefore you are going to learn that we are a Tulsa-based rescue that began in early 2019.

We have already rescued a large number of rescued animals in Tulsa, from a multitude of situations. We have a rescued stray cat and brought them into our home rehabilitated them and made them feel loved. We then have found that many of these cats were already pregnant when they arrived so after the safely delivered their round of we then raised the kitten long enough to give them away. We then went and had the parent spayed and neutered so therefore we can help stop the overpopulation of stray cat.

In our home we are already hosting a number of chickens and even a turkey named Tom. These animals come and our lives and not only to they become rescue many of them remain in our home to the. We currently boast owning nine cats as well add 12 chickens the 3 ducks and turkey named Tom. This is where you can see how much our passion we our lives. We are dedicated to this cause and help with that you will help us on our journey.

Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store is going to be able to help find you the best pet to fit your needs and lifestyle. You are going to find more information about the current animals that we have available for adoption on our website at There you will also be able to find out more information about volunteering in your valuable time to help us with our mission for carrying or the animals. You will also be able to find out how you can help whether you would like to contribute financially or if you would like to donate your time or volunteer your kids time this is going to be the organization you would like to help.

Rescued animals in Tulsa | how can you help?

Are you wondering how you can help rescued animals in Tulsa? Have no fear I have the answer for you! There are a number of ways that you can help with these animals. First we and Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store are on a mission to rescue as many animals as possible regardless of their circumstances. So by working with us you are going to be able to help the most animal possible. You’re going to find is that you can work with us side-by-side rescuing these animals. If coming out to gather these animals that need rescuing is not your thing and that’s okay. We are always in need of transportation help which means that you can pick up the animal from our facility and take it to it that veterinary appointment, or you can transport into a foster family for us. We are also always in need of transportation to go pick up donations for us as well.

Another way that you will be able to help rescued animals in Tulsa, is going to be to donate your time. We are also in need of workers to come and help us actually care for the animals. Whether it is helping clean out the chicken to, where you will change their bedding collect any eggs or feed them. Or come out and feed the ducks and the turkey. Our two dogs always need to be walked and complete win. So if you feel like throwing a ball or playing fetch, these dogs would love that quality time with you. If you feel like you’re just needing a therapy moment you can help us with that too. With the number of That we have in our facility you are going to find is that there is always someone who would love to meet down in your lap and just the petted. All of these amazing animals are just looking for love and affection. We are always need of volunteers to do that

You are also going to find that you are going to be able to help us out financially as well as the rescued animals in Tulsa. With our rescue we are always looking for monetary donations that we can utilize to buy supplies or help provide additional medical care to these animals.

You can also just simply spread the word to help us. You may not have the financial resources to assist us or the necessary time it takes to transport animals or come out and play with them that you still have it in your heart to help. That’s going to be okay if you can just simply tell your friends and family about our mission many times this is going to be enough a number of people our way to help with the things that you cannot. Simply put tell everyone about what we do and how our mission is going to change the lives of these animals.

Go to our website at and see how Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store is doing. Also check out upcoming event and volunteering information.