Here at Havana’s house we help all animals especially rescued animals in Tulsa. So whether on it and rescue operation or maybe it’s a seizure from by law enforcement or by a surrender by a civilian we help all and recover animals from substandard conditions and we also make an effort to make their lives better. That’s why it’s so important to have an animal rescue nearest you especially if you’re looking to adopt. If you maybe have a friend or family that has actually dealt with this in the past and maybe you are curious about whether or not you can actually foster an animal and then call us today.

Rescued animals in Tulsa are easy to come by because here at Havana’s house we have in the shelter as well as we are the premier rescue group in the Tulsa area but also the surrounding areas. We take care of shelter intake and surrenders. And when things should know about the importance of animal rescues is that we care for thousands of lost stray abandoned and even relinquished animals every year and sometimes the others are passed between owners and usually end up in an animal shelter or rescue.

To reach out to survey and see what we can do to help you find it your very own best friend. It also we want to include information about on how to locate and access rescue groups and also how to evaluate the screening transport volunteers maybe if you’re coming and you bring an animal across state lines or maybe you’re looking to adopt from across state lines we need to get your information so that we could either meet you halfway or you can have come to our physical location to pick up your animal.

The most important thing is making sure that you have the necessary documents as well as a valid identification to come in and rescue an animal. And if you’re asking how to even start an animal rescue or maybe you’re not even sure where to begin because there’s just so many options for animal rescue out there at you can go with us here at Havana’s house we can go with bigger charities and other animal societies in the area. It doesn’t really matter because you’re still helping an animal who needs a home.

So rescued animals in Tulsa from Havana house are deftly allowing us to help create a team that can save animals that are orphaned one by one. It also help us with rehabilitation as well as training and fostering to make sure that we actually add can provide you the best animal possible. And with animal rescues its 100% tax-deductible on a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It’s also about preserving the discerning areas without having so many dogs or cats walking around that are not neutered or spayed. To look us up on today to learn more about how we help all animals big and small.


Where Can You Go To Find The Rescued Animals In Tulsa?


Help us rescue with rescued animals in Tulsa brought to you by Havana’s house. That is what we Birmingham here for everyone make sure that where the main charity for the main animal rescue in the Tulsa area that people come to. Because we want to be able to submit ourselves as a legacy pledge for all animals both big and small. You can also again ate or volunteer. Of course you need to be able to come into a physical location to be able to be seen a sign up sign a form he has if your high school student Goldstein we need to make sure that we are following all the guidelines of your school.

Rescued animals in Tulsa can be found at Havana’s house. This is not a government run shelter this is run specifically by volunteers and what we permit what we provide is healthcare as well as love and attention to all those animals in need. If you’re looking to adopt a dog cat word gerbil hamster rabbit turtle snake I’m sure we can help you find it. So if you’re looking for in animal rescue center nearest you look at Havana’s house today.

Also we want to include information for you on how to locate and access any other rescue groups especially if you looking to do some work with an outside of that maybe your veterinary clinic and you want to be able to partner with a rescue to where you’re able to provide such services assay and neuters for all rescued animals and even D cause and we can help you with that as well. Because Havana’s house is always looking for veterinarians that can provide services to help it make it to help make it a whole lot easier to be able to rescue an animal. And usually approximately between 8 to 12 million companion animal senders issue my yearly about at 5 to 9 million of animals are euthanized in 6660% of the dogs.

If you want to see the euthanasia is an animals go down much lower than the best thing to do is always keep rescuing keep fostering so that you don’t have to worry about a census or pure little soul of an animal the putdown based on their breed or the fact that they have been the shelter for a matter of weeks. And also animal shelters are in it’s usually generic it and shelters our government run where is animal rescues are volunteer run. If you’re looking for an animal rescue organization and you want to be that is dedicated to pet adoption and pet rescue add then we can provide you the information available to aid in a successful transition as well as talk to one of our adoption counselors involved in the process as well.

But for Havana’s house we help rescue and we rescued animals in Tulsa as well as the surrounding areas. We feel that we do not have to be set up by ZIP Codes or property lines. If you are an animal you can bring them to ask. Just look us up on our there you’ll be able to see how you donate also-volunteer at her animal rescue center especially if you are a student in high school or college and you’re looking for some volunteer hours let us know we’d be happy to help you out today.