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At Havana’s House we want to rescue animals from all over, that means you want to rescued animals in Tulsa! Have you been scouring the web for rescued animals in Tulsa? If so I’m glad you found us. Havana’s house animal rescue once to rescue animals in Tulsa such as cats from life as a stray. If you know the cat who is a stray, are you believe to be a stray please contact us by texting us at 918-814-1806. If the cats in need happen to be a mother and her kittens please let us know as soon as possible that way we will be able to tame the kittens that they will be easier to care for and possibly rehome. If you bring in a stray cat we will feed him or her and possibly find a home for him or her. The cat may also be neutered or spayed.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or perhaps even a flock of chickens please reach out to us by calling 918-814-1806. Havana’s house is currently considering helping to rehome ex-layer hens so if you’d be interested in adopting (not eating!) A flock of ex-battery hens please text us at 918-814-1806. It’s always a good idea to help a stray cats become tame and to find great people to adopt and care for these once stray cats.

Stray cats often get fleas and can continue to mate over and over again resulting in pet overpopulation. Also when a cat grows up stray the cat becomes more and more wild and all the kittens as well become more and more wild and less and less tame. This makes them harder to later rescue. This is why if you know of a mother cat and her kittens or just stray kittens in need of rescuing we would like to know as soon as possible so that we can help tame the cats well it’s easier and possible. Sometimes cats reach the point where they are basically untamable at that point the best you can do is to fix the cat and release him or her back into the area that he or she was living in.

If you or anyone you know is moving into a property where there are cats, even ferel cats, please give us a call at 918-814-1806 so that we can help you remove the cats from your property without harming or killing them. Please reach out to us anytime with any questions you may have concerning taming cats found as strays. And remember to always spay or neuter your cat or dog. This can help keep stray animal numbers down.

Havana’s house would like to rescued animals in Tulsa so if you know of any animals in need of rescuing due to homelessness or any other reason please reach out to us either through email at or by phone you can call or text us at 918-814-1806 we would love to get started with helping you help cats in your neighborhood or anywhere near you! Do not hesitate with any questions you may have regarding rescuing stray cats, reach out to us anytime!

Rescued animals in Tulsa | Tulsa Oklahoma animal rescue

have you ever wanted to rescued animals in Tulsa? If so then you are a lot like me. Hi, I am Havana Clark founder of Havana’s house animal rescue located in broken arrow. Animals are something I really enjoy so why would I not rescued animals in Tulsa? There are many reasons to rescue animals in Tulsa including the fact that there are many animals that lack homes in Tulsa. When I moved with my family to a home in broken arrow (which is not too terribly far from Tulsa) there was a stray cat living on the property along with our neighbors property. Our neighbor who is supersweet and caring towards animals said that she had seen the stray cat before and that she’d been living as a stray for quite some time.

This then stray is now one of our pets. Her name is Dart. Her name refers to the way that she would run she would dart around. Dart is a black cat who is very sweet but can be very energetic. Our other cats accepted her right on and except for one it wasn’t exactly too happy with visitors or new cats. But the other two cats Daylight and Midnight who we had gotten from a farm got along very well with her. And their color patterns were all matching dart and midnight were black while daylight was a black and white cat.

Daylight love dart would pin her down to clean her. Daylight and became known as the cleaner as he was always trying to lick the other cats. Daylight love dart I think she was his favorite. Midnight also got along very well with dart and if you are looking for some great examples of rescue animals in Tulsa that were supersweet daylight would be a great example. But the way that daylight, midnight and are all got along was great. I took a picture of them which was adorable, where they were all snuggling each other and they made the shape of a heart it was too cute!

If you want to adopt a catlike dart who was a stray but will make a great pet please reach out to us at Havana’s house so you can help rescued animals in Tulsa their adoption. Or if you know of the local stray cat or multiple cats, you can text us at 918-814-1806 and we can see about taking the cat or cats in. If you know of a stray mother and her kittens please let us know as soon as possible that way the kittens can be socialized when they are young so that they can be used to people and easier to take care of and/or find homes for.

If you’re looking to find an animal to adopt or looking for rescued animals in Tulsa in need of adoption please let us know by calling or texting us at 918-814-1806. If you’re interested in possibly fostering an animal you can reach us either by calling the cell phone number above or by emailing us at