If you’re looking to Find The Best Animal Rescue Tulsa has to offer and look no further than Havana’s house, here we want to be able to help you rescue an animal in need, the service that we provide here is all towards our animals that been left behind by previous owners who just didn’t want to, all the animals here that we provide all have their own story all coming from different backgrounds, many of them have bad backgrounds were they been tortured by previous so expect for them to trust issues at first, but they just don’t want to be hurt anymore, so the other guard up a little bit but here will be going to for you is we want to set up one appointments for you in the future best friend that you are looking at their you have bonding time to see if this very pet likes you and you like which we encourage to have open arms for all our pets

The way to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer is just come on down to Havana’s house because we provide many different services that other shelters might not provide one of them being is our passion for all animals that includes dogs, chickens, birds and cats and many more here we are passionate about every pet we receive because we know that each one of them has gone through a hard time so we want to make sure we are able to find a great form home for then the way we do that is we like to set up events where a lot of animal lovers will come and have fun most of the time you’re really going to be hanging around with all the shelter this is one of the many things that we do to get these animals rescued.

Havana’s house is one of the many shelters if you ever trying to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer, because of the many success stories that we have always constantly looking for new ways to help all these animals in need, we want to make sure they each peg gets adopted, one of the many reasons why, is how many pets are put up for adoption every year and the numbers to be there is a round 1.7 million animals put up for adoption here at Havana’s house our goal is to reduce the number as much as we can we might not reach all of it but if we could we would, we want to do everything possible for these pets to be loved.

And for those who arty have pets at home and can afford to have another but still want to help, we are always at the donations that were not this is sent in any money donations we also set any other donations like beds for dogs or cats, brand-new dog food, toys somewhat new or new really everything that you can think of for animals that can help these donations help out a lot. I have in this house and each nation is much appreciated from our staff here and all the animals. So if you want to donate it to just come on in and person will be happy to greet you for helping agrees that every donation helps and why are there stop and check out the all the different animals we have will be happy to see you knowing that you are helping them.

So you want to help make a difference for our world surrounded by furry friends that we encourage you to take the first step into adoption is a guarantee that you will meet your best friend are gone be there for you just like you’re going be there for them to come visit us in person check out the amazing animals we have or check is out on our website at HavanasHouse.com where there is for the details about ways to get help from then you can also contact us if you want any further details or want any questions or concerns answered.

Find the Best Animal Rescue Tulsa Has to Offer | Our Love for Pets

Some of the history behind Havana if you’re looking to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer, if she grew up loving all animals she had a passion at a young age she grew up in many pets around and she was also the oldest out of all her siblings, she has three sisters and one brother so she grew up with a lot of responsibility in her hands already for something she embrace and and during that time she also grew up with many animals of her own, so she grew a love and passion for all animal, and as you see today she still has the same passion and love for all animals, today she has one turkey, once again and many cats and dogs of her own so that’s a lot of proof that she still has the same passion she’s going to keep it that way.

The way you find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer is you go to Havana’s house because we are the best in Tulsa, so will you were going to expect when you visit us today is going to see a great team that are dedicated to help all our pets here in all their needs we want to make sure that they are ready for you that they are ready to have fun with you that is one of the many ways that we want to help prepare these pets for you we want to make sure that they get adopted and if we can we want to make sure we can start that process that day so we had confidence within ourselves knowing that were going to be able to deliver all that for you.

Another reason why Havana’s house is the best if you’re looking to find the best animal rescue Tulsa has to offer is the price difference compared to buying a new puppy. A brand-new puppy will cost you thousands of dollars in most of the employees include their vaccinations here have in this house we make sure that all her pets are spayed or neutered and up-to-date with all their vaccinations and we only charge for those prices and just a little bit of a small charge that just helps us continuing so we can be able to feed all our animals at the shelter, so we want to make sure that we deliver you a healthy pet and we deftly want to make sure that we deliver the right pet for you.

From something you should get excited about is the many events that we host here in the Tulsa area, is the events that we host, these events are all dedicated to help all animals here in the shelter be adopted some of the things that we do here at our events are cookouts at a dog park where you and your family or friends to come and enjoy a great time with food and pets all around you. You can bring your own pets let them get to know all the other pets from the shelter that are there, and if you like any of the pets that are there and what information we are glad to answer any questions that you might have regarding that pet are always happy to know that someone is interested in adopting.

So if all of these things sound interesting to you please don’t hesitate we want to help all the dogs here, and help them find a brand-new warm home and is always going to be a guarantee that these pets are going to bring happiness into your life as you do them so please visit our website we can contact us and where you can learn further information details about the adopting process or how to donate and why you’re there you can also take all the success stories that we have so please visit us at HavanasHouse.com