You or someone you know is trying to find animal rescue in Tulsa. Look no further than this house that is what we’re good at is what we strive to do every day. To be the best and rescues place in the Oklahoma great state of Oklahoma and we believe we are accomplishing that goal every day when we step in the office because we care unlike any other place we put our heart and soul into these dogs and cats and whatever other animals we have here and we care very much about their well-being and their safety. If you know someone who would like to find and rescue in Tulsa or if you are one of the like a fire and rescue in Tulsa please give us a call today. Contact us on line our website savannas house dot com. And if you’d like to adopt a dog we would really appreciate that you can adopt your pet here you can visit us and you see dogs pet dogs love dogs. Everybody needs to pet a dog everyone so you could pick me up if you can save an animal that is huge deal you’re saving animal from a life that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. It’s awesome that you can do that if you want to just go to a Web site and see what we’re doing.

What are we what’s happening with us. See there are successful options see how people find and rescue and also see. What we’re doing that or other places are not what or. What we’re. Completely and where our heart is in this thing. If you have any questions about our featured pet James is the Peter Pan moment. It’s a beautiful red and white creature with green eyes pink nose and pink ears. He’s a wonderful little cat. He is Lovings Kai he’s funny. Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa. He’s me. I think he understands what we’re saying most of the time. He’s extremely clever little guy. But I’m not sure if he takes understand English. But if he can i wouldn’t be surprised because he’s an incredibly intelligent cat. And that’s that’s that’s a lot of sort of. He’s an incredible cat and he was looking for a great home if you have a loving home. Where you respect and love animals we would love to have our buddy James with you if that’s an option. Please let us know. If you’d be interested in housing. Our buddy Rufus he’s a new dog here and he. He truly is one of the kind of creatures playful and intelligent and great if you know someone if your business associate is trying to find a animal rescue in Tulsa turn him on to Havana houses. He loved everyone. And even if you can’t adopt a dog right now. He’d appreciate it if you could donate. We understand that no one’s in the financial position to.

Donate a lot but any donation you could give us would be well appreciated because we’re trying to expand more dogs and take more dogs off the street the pounds so they can live long prosperous lives in our facility. If that’s sponsibility please us now on our website site this house dot and donate there. We appreciate every time someone donates and. We really love the cooperation that people show when they donate to our cause. If you know someone who.

Is your mom or dad you like to find animal rescue in Tulsa town. Look no further than Havanas house to animal rescue and supply store. We are also a place for adults free at. Our supply store are second to none. Just like our animal rescue we are chiefly concerned with cutting quality products to new parents and we are very committed to to making sure that these animals are taken care of while with quality products. And so if you have any questions about what we do about how we do it please contact us today give us a call like that in this house dot com find our phone number and call us anytime. We’d love to talk to those who are committed to making sure that dogs live and thrive and prosperous life if any questions ever had to call us. Contact us or donate. We appreciate all the patients all the time. So please if you can find in your heart and your piggy bank to in to us. We appreciate it very much. And the dogs that appreciate as well as you’re collaborating with us to create a great life for them.