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What kind of services to provide a Havana’s house animal rescue? That is an excellent question. We provide animal rescuing services, recommendations for veterinary care facilities, and pet supply items. All of these services are always of the highest quality. If you are looking to find animal rescue in Tulsa we can supply that and so much more for you and your pets needs.

If you have the desire to adopt another pet we are here to meet that need. Also if you already have a pets we are here for their every day needs such as their leash, collar, and dog bed. For cats we also supply cat food, cat collars, and cat toys. Visit our website to not only find animal rescue in Tulsa, but also to find a pet supply store online that helps to support a good cause.

Animals in our care who are currently looking for future homes, are always fed food that nourishes their body and keeps them healthy and happy. We do not feed cheap grain foods that will destroy our animals from the inside out. We are very serious about your pet’s health here at Havana’s house, and even though we are not a vet clinic we make sure your pets have access to basic nutritional foods and care.For instance our chickens are always kept in more than enough space so that they have room to move around and be chickens. Also animals in our facility are not kept in tight cramped cages all day instead they are loved on and cared for. They are cared for in this way because we love our chickens they are so sweet and they give people so much joy, chickens spread joy. So why would we put little joy spreaders in tiny cages? That would make no sense. We love her animals and always make sure that they have adequate space and attention. There is no reason to do otherwise.

Little and Felicity was there highlighted in clinic We make sure that our animals enjoy their stay at Havana’s house. So when people are looking to find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma they can find one that not only provides what is necessary, but also what is desired for their animals’ or future pets’ needs and wants.

So whether you are looking for a place to take in your beloved pet who you are unable to take care of, or you are looking for a place to adopt from, Havana’s house is always there for you and your pets’ needs. If you would like to contact us please call the Havana’s House phone 918-814-1806. Never hesitate with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about Havana’s House. After all her purpose is to rescue pets in need, and to make having pets a more fun and enjoyable experience. So if in any way there is even a slight chance we might feel the hope in your pet please call us at 918-814-1806 to find animal rescue in Tulsa.

Find animal rescue in Tulsa| Havana’s House Tulsa animal rescue

Are you trying to find an animal rescue in Tulsa. Have you been searching “find animal rescue in Tulsa”? If you have been Havana’s house is the place for you. Havana’s house we believe the quality of life the animal has always be excellent and when an animal has been rescued should not be kept in a cage all day. Instead the animal should be able to experience the joy of life. So when you are looking to find an animal rescue facility in Tulsa to rescue from then we highly suggest that you support Havana’s house through your choice of an adoption facility.

Have you been asking your cellular device to “find animal rescue in Tulsa”? Well you found it! Havana’s house provides the best quality care for animals in need and matches them with their perfect forever home.If you have been frantically searching for a reliable animal rescue we understand just how difficult it is to find a animal rescue that actually cares about the quality of life the animals receive when in the nonprofits’ or companies’ care.

At Havana’s house we always make sure to be top notch in the way we treat our animals, and those working with us.So if you’ve been looking to find animal rescue in Tulsa on a regular basis or even just once were glad you found us. Because we care about the kind of people our animals go to. People like you are the people we want to adopt our amazing animals. If you are looking for a great place to meet your new furry or feathery friend call Havana’s house at 918-814-1806 and would be more than thrilled to assist you in your quest for your new best friend.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in pet adoption or if you’re simply wondering about the care and dedication are animals receive or you would like to donate financially please visit our website If you’re looking to find animal rescue in Tulsa you have already found your Internet destination at At Havana’s house we make it as easy as possible to contact us through our websites and phone number. So call or text us at 918-814-1806 or visit us at

Ativan’s house we are always taking care of many varieties of animals. Ranging from chickens, cats, and occasionally dogs. We might even expand our animal care to geckos in the future, although this is slightly unlikely due to the fact that one of the founding members is kind of afraid of snakes and lizards. However Havana’s house will always do their best to provide the shelter and top-notch health food provision the animals currently in their care. We will take in many animals for many different reasons. For instance if you are moving to a small apartment or living facility and are unable to take your cat or dog we will either take the animal in or do our best to find an adequate and responsible family to take in your pet.