Find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma by the name of Havana’s house because we are in need of some great volunteers to be able to come to our facility and work with some dogs that have not yet found a foster home or an adoptive home. We also I want to be able to focus on being able to find great matches for a foster program to where we can actually allow cats and dogs be able to go on your homes as a foster until that dog or cat told forever home is found. Also, we want to be able to provide an end to the public puppy mill industry to where were I and also allowed are able to strengthen cruelty animal loss as well as stop or eliminate large-scale animal abuses.

We also our next that we’re donating our time and our program to campaign such as providing less burden on local animal shelters where they usually put 60 to about 40% of their dogs and cats down because they are either overcrowded or they are just not adopted in a certain amount of weeks. Also, we want to be able to help the hungry and helpless animals out there. There you will be able to see what we have been able to accomplish through our rescue stories as there are adoption stories. We want to make sure they were always able to celebrate the good things that happen within a rescue today.

Arm our animal rescue team here at Havana’s house once fieldwork with other veterinarians as well as law enforcement be able to provide a safe place for all animal abuse cases to make sure that we are able to re-socializing and put them back into a home that will care for them and show them the love that they had been missing out on. So you can find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma right here at our rescue located in Tulsa.

Also every year we want to be able to rescue as many animals as possible from puppy mills as well as animal fighting and natural disasters and cruelty neglect. We also provide great direct care where we oversee local animals not only in our facility but also in foster homes to where we can also provide care centers as well as community-based programs to show the importance of adopting from your local shelter or your rescue rather than just going straight to a greater or puppy no.

So find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma by simply typing in Havana’s house into Google and they’ll be able to see that we are providing a safe and sound environment for all dogs and IN the area. We also make sure that you’re able to donate to our emergency animal rescue fund or were able to help animals and through disaster relief due to natural disasters abuse or puppy nails. We wanted able to fight for other animals that have no voice. So call us or go online to to learn more information about us because we do need volunteers and we want to be the premier risk in the Tulsa Metro area that everybody calls.

How Can You Find Animal Rescue In Tulsa Oklahoma?

If you’re looking to find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma that can be a place to donate because here at Havana’s house we protect animals and we fight for animals. Some were more than happy to have people that are donating because our rescue actually depends on volunteers as well as donations. So whether you’re looking to do a one-time or recurring donation we can accept all amounts. Because all amounts help. You can call or you can go online for more information about how to begin to donate or even volunteer a test today.

Also we can provide wheel we need blankets food carriers to be able to pick up animals and take tour foster homes as well as we also maybe need such things is like a new vehicle able to transfer and a number of animals from one site to another. If you want to learn more about our mission about leadership and the financial information about how to donate or just simply to contact us to learn more about how to volunteer with us you can visit us at our website. And also find us on Facebook Insta grand twitter YouTube for additional details and information and would also love to be up there by two news as well as action alerts. Because we are all about fighting animal cruelty and neglect as well as stopping puppy mills.

If you want to know more about why we fight for rescue animals wherever and whenever they might need us call us online or go online today for we are rent animal rescue team to fail to understand some of the success stories that we’ve had as well as learn more about some animals that are currently at need of adoption. We want to make sure they were able to really strengthen our centers to be a premier place to go for a risky.

And we also make sure that were standing out as the best place to or where to find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma because here at Havana’s house we want to make an impact on the society around puppy mills as well as vacation people are focused on adopting rather than just buying from puppy mills for wine from preachers. It’s always important to make sure that you’re able to dedicate your time or even just a few dollars a month to be able to donate to our cost so that we can actually help more animals in need. So find us online.

Find animal rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma by simply just looking at Havana’s house. In also visit us at our website you will be able to find it donation information volunteer information as well as make a simple one time or recurring gift to our animal rescue system or even talk to us about possibly becoming a foster home for an animal in need.