It is easy to find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma when you know the right rescue shelter to go through. Here at Havana’s house animal rescue and Pet Supply store, we have all of your adoption and Pet Supply needs. There are many different animals waiting to be adopted when you come over to Havana’s house and we guarantee that you are going to fall in love with at least one of our animals. come by our facility or check out our website to see our future animals of the week. Not only do we have adoption available, but we would love to receive your help in any donation you can give as well as volunteer work. Our mission is to rehome every stray that is without a loving environment.

We know it may be tempting to purchase a purebred animal, but it is better to find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma to adopt an animal instead. not only are breeders not 100% honest or ethical, but unless you are working with a registered breeder, there is no guarantee you are going to get the breed that you were looking for also, our country is in a recession, so why not take care of the animals that need us now instead of producing more into the world? Many times once breeders are done with their animals, they end up in animal shelters such as ours. stop the cycle and only adopt today.

If you are trying to Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma shelter to donate your animal’s equipment, then we would love to take that off your hands. It does not matter if you have some dog food that your dogs turn their nose up at, a cat bed that has been gently used, or a fish tank that is just taking up space in your home. We are going to repurpose every item that you provide with us and turn it into a precious item for one of the stories that we have at Havana’s house. feel good knowing that your animal’s old toys ended up with animals who needed it the most.

Our company loves taking on new helpers so if you are looking for any volunteer work, then you need to reach out to Havana’s house. on our website, there is going to be a page for you to submit an inquiry and that is how you were going to contact us. be sure to leave your contact information as well as you’re interested in volunteering and one of our friendly staff members will be reaching out to you in no time at all. and tell them, to be sure to check out all the different success stories we have on our page from our previous adoptions. We know that you are going to love the environment you will be working in as well as the mission you are working for.

That is no time to waste as there are plenty of animals that are without homes and it may be the Tulsa area. If you would like to check out our future animals, if I wanted to go home with you, let me start to go online to a website at doesn’t come as well as check out all the different donations we are accepting as well as volunteer work that we are constantly looking for. We cannot wait to meet you and your family and provide you with an animal that will add nothing but joy to your home.

Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma | Why Trust Breeders

Only use Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma shelters for all of your adoption and pet needs. Havana’s House we are an animal rescue and pet supplies told that is trying to rehome as many straight animals in the community as possible. This is a mission statement as well as the main goal of our company and something that we walk towards every day. Not only are you going to be able to find animals that you are able to adopt, but you are also going to have donation opportunities as well as Volunteer work that you can inquire about as we are always needing help with our movement. Make an animal the happiest it has ever been when you come to pick him up and take him home with you today.

We understand that buying animals seems tempting, especially when it can be hard to find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma that is completely honest and runs with integrity. Here at Havana’s house, we are trying to make the public aware of how Reckless breeding can be. Many times the animal that you have paid for is not even the specific breed or 100% the breed that you were looking for. Instead of being called out on your money, we know that there are plenty of different animals with no homes currently that would love to go home with you. if you’re home is looking for an animal who radiates love, then you need to go to adopt

No need to worry if you cannot adopt an animal at the moment, when you find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma you are also going to have the opportunity to donate. it doesn’t matter if it is old dog food, a dog shelter, or a dog toy, we know that we have plenty of animals available to completely appreciate your repurpose animal item. Although we are a pet supply store, receiving donations helps us conserve our resources to fully look to rehome our animals. We look forward to your help and this as well and ask that you find everything you can to provide.

When it comes to volunteering work, we are always looking for helpers. Perhaps you’re not able to adopt or donate, we are always looking for people to help out with many different odd jobs around the shelter. To get in contact with our friendly staff members, you will be able to go online to our website and submit an inquiry with your contact information and your interest in volunteering. In no time all staff members are going to get in touch with you to provide you with all the opportunities you have to volunteer with us. We look forward to your help and thank you in advance.

There is no other way to explain how important it is to start adopting from animal shelters. If we want the Stray population to increase, then we are going to need to cut down on all of the breeding that we are paying money for. the majority of those dogs end up in shelters anyways. you will be able to check out all of our success stories as well as our future to animals of the week whenever you go online to We look forward to hearing from you and reaching back out to you.