We want everybody to be able to Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma, so if you look for us we’re really easy to find. and whenever you come to our website you’re going to find out that we are going to be able to help as many people as we can to rescue animals. because our goal is to rescue animals in need of a home and find the best home possible. we want them to go to their forever home and we believe that everybody deserves a second chance to be loved including the animal

Unfortunately there are so many animals out there that are great and just need a home. because people have either moved off and in bed and them or just didn’t have the capability of taking care of them whatever the reason is we hope that these strike animals Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma because from there they’re going to be able to find somebody that cares about them. We have been able to operate through the donations that we have received from so many of the amazing community members. and that is something that we love to say. because we are so proud to be able to say that we have had so many people donate to us to keep this dream going. cuz we’re just trying to find homes for all of these beautiful animals. and they are so ready to be loved

whenever you want to Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma to bring home an animal for your family. We suggest that you listen down to find the very best animal or we also suggest that maybe you just go to the website and browse through our pets and see if there is one that is going to be right for you and your family. because whenever you want to have a beautiful new pet in your household. We suggest that you think about what your family needs and what kind of animal that you would want most. Are you the type of person that could handle a big dog? Do you have children that we’re going to be able to handle a big dog? Do you have a Cat?

We suggest that you consider whether or not you have any male animals that would be intimidated by another male animal. Do you want to have puppies if you bring home a female dog and whenever you are with a male dog or if you have a male dog and you bring a female dog home. or however you wanted to look at it we just suggest that you look at all the ins and outs before you bring a dog home or an animal home. because the last thing we want is for these dogs to have to go through it again and be left out in the cold after they thought they had found their second chance, go to our website at havanashouse.com and fill out the connect form and we will contact you as soon possible.

Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma | Do you have enough love for a new pet?

There’s so many animals out there. that I need to get home. and we hope that you can help in the situation. and you choose to Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma
Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma. because we always need your help. and these animals need your help as well. whenever they come to our shelter. they have been on the streets or even worse for a very long time and most of the time. and whenever it comes to providing a new home for these animals. We never have enough people coming through because there are always more animals that are left and abandoned out on the streets. and that is something that we know isn’t fair to them. and they haven’t done anything wrong to deserve it

Almost 99% of the time these animals have done absolutely nothing wrong and they are not a threat to anybody. and many times when we find them they are starving and not taking care of them at all. and have been trying to take care of themselves for a very long time. they’re so thankful to see a friendly human that would be very devoted to their new owners. and that we’re sure. We definitely get attached to these animals because we find that they are beautiful and happy and they just want to be loved too. and they deserve that as much as any other pet. whenever they start out live they had no idea that they would be starting out their life with a bunch of people that didn’t I haven’t they responsibility to go for the long haul. Many of these animals were dumped on the side of the road at a moment’s notice.
so instead of going to any kind of pet store why don’t you come down and Find Animal Rescue in Tulsa Oklahoma because we are going to be able to make sure that you go home with the best pet for your family. because whenever it comes to your family you know exactly what kind of pet that you want. and we are going to be able to provide that for you. and these dogs deserve it. They deserve to be loved just like any other animal.

I want nothing more than to make sure that these dogs are taken care of and that you are given a brand new family member that you’re going to be able to love for a very long time. These dogs absolutely deserve it and so do you. because whenever it comes to love you’re going to find out that you’re a best friend is going to love you more than anything in the world. and they’re going to be so appreciative of you bringing them into your life and your heart, go to the site at havanashouse.com and browse through the pets in waiting and fill out the contact form. We will call you as soon as possible.