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That’s applies to you by here can go right to the proceeds of getting animals better homes and stuff right now. We don’t take any money for donations or stuff when you first come into adopt a pet so if you do want to donate that’s finally do have donation services we don’t take it any money for adoptions. So if you want to get money to us and help fund this you want to either bypass applies here or donate money so please if you do any pet supplies come right here. That is why we offer great. And you can delegate almost has a place for quality prices at affordable prices right here. The quality products. Animals supplies are done right here.

If you want to see how you get donations you can also do that. We had to many donations over the years. The donation for me except a few people who don’t have a way to accept an animal in their home but want to donate money. If you do want to donate money or get back to this cause please donate the money you have right now. We love offering donation services can integrate with you to get back without actually having to take animal in your home.

If you do want to look at the website the website really great for anyone looking to search for an animal. You can give us the pitches of the animals with little feature products and services online. As you shop online by anything you want. You can donate money online. You can go look at the contact us tab online. You can that be about of tab online. You delivered success stories online. You actually adopt animal right online. So go online right now at Havanashouse.com.

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Donations are also very important we love all the money we can possibly get so if you do want to give us money to help these animals we love to take it. We want to be up and help them as much possibly can the more money we get in help us get more animals. So if you want help us rescue more animals you want to give us money. His donations are to be up to be given online. You can also give a donation in person. Have you want to give a donation to give us a donation we love to have it.

The website a great way for you to be of is here things we offer online. If you want to go online and look at the website to great with you to look at what pet you want to get because we have featured pets on the pictures and profiles of apples pets. You can also look at the success adoptions. The successful adoptions are going to drive new adopt as well. You can donate online. Into a number of other things online as well so come check the website out at Havanashouse.com