If you like to find more rest you’re in Tulsa look no further than us at Havanas house we are the premier dog rescuer and Cat Rescue we’re in the area. We have a beautiful rescue in which all animals can’t find animal rescue in Tulsa. We want to be a safe haven for all animals. That’s our goal as we strive to do. We also are striving to expand to hold more jobs and take care of our cats and every other animal that we have. And you don’t need money so if you could donate today we would appreciate all donations we receive and we understand even if it’s not the largest amount any donations count and intuition is. Appreciated and if you’d like to find animal rescue in Tulsa there’s only one place look Havanas house where we can adopt adopt dogs and you can take them home alone to show them what a good home looks like and cherish those dogs forever. If you’d like to adopt a dog this house is your one stop shop is where you want to go that’s where you want to be.

That’s how you want to do your adopting. If you’re wondering what’s happening with us you could check out our society for adoption page on have at our dot com. Check out our success story. Check out what what what. Dogs have appreciated. Check out how people of. Color to find animal rescue in Tulsa and how they have found us fast house.
One way to find animal rescue in Tulsa is to go through us because we are the one stop shop for all your animal needs. We have a pet supply store as well as an adoption agency for these pets are featured pet is James James the beautiful orange and white cat with a pink nose and pink ears. She have any desire to adopt him. Let us know and we will help you find animal rescue in Tulsa how wonderful we are. We pride ourselves on our customer service our customer loyalty. Once you down the path we expect you to contact us and help us help us keep track of the dog and how he’s adjusting and your home. We care very much about these dogs and cats that just in their new homes. If you only contact us visit our Web site at the house dot com Click on our contact page and you can talk to us about whatever you want to know about. Adopting dogs to see get through it and if you Duffin it already you can talk to us about. That specific dog. That’s a good way to do it.

If you want to donate to us we appreciate it. We appreciate all donations. We need to expand that’s our goal is where we’re going. And we want to take care of more dogs eventually. And the best way to do that is to to or seek donations that we can hire more workers and hire. More people to work for us. So if you find a. Dog that you’re interested in. Doing I’ve talked to a dog.
They can go ahead and do. A pet visit us save the animal. And find out what’s happening with us are successful adoption stories find out about our future pet. Find out who he is. Find out. About what you can do to help rescue them. We are testimonials what people say about us. What do people say about our child that we do with these dogs. They’re saying good things are saying we’re doing a great job. They’re saying they love watching these dogs and making sure that everything is all right they love. Or able to do. If you can donate we’d appreciate it. We understand the same financial situation but donating is huge for us. We need all of. So we continue to provide excellent care for these dogs and excellent love. If you’d like to adopt the dog please let us know on our Web site. That is how we can work out to where you can come and meet the dog and see if your temperaments match and if they do we’d love for you to meet them and take them home. So please work with us to create loving environments for all of these.