Animal Rescue Tulsa | Saving Animal’s Lives Every Day

Do you have a strong desire to be something part of something bigger than yourself like it great.
And worse the Tulsa thing give us a call at Havanas house.
We are a premier animal rescue and pet supply store and we care a lot about making sure that these animals are placed in Quoy homes which they can be cared for and loved and cherished. And if you can do that we’d love to talk to you. We’d love to discuss what your options are as being part of this family. We take people who adopt animals from us seriously because we know that they now became part of our family and family of the greatest and was close to the scene. Part. Of the Havana family and we wish that everyone would do that we wish everyone would have loving homes which will be respected and treated well. And they would adopt dogs and cats into those homes if you wish to donate today to our cause. We appreciate that. Through Web site this house dotcom. You can also contact us there our site can go to our About page and figure out what we’re about where philosophy are where we’re coming from and where we’re going how we’re going to get there and all kind of stuff. Look at our success story successful adoptions.
Out what’s what’s our favorite favorite success story where our testimonials come in. Well people are saying about us if you also build a web site you can see our featured pet. And right now it’s James a beautiful orange cat White Stripes pink little nose white. Beautiful white face and the right ears. And if you’re interested in adopting him you should come to the Animal Rescue Tulsa and his house and we can work out something you a loving home with you and talk to you about what your health situations like if you could see our animals living with you if you have any questions please let us know. Contact us on our website about this house dot com. You would love to talk to you about what you can do if there are animal rescue. Tell us. What your specific needs and desires are. When you’re adopting you can save a pet. It’s a big deal. Saving a pet is a worthy work it’s very noble. And you could do that today. You can also adopt a pet. Animal Rescue Tulsa is here.
That’s awesome. And you got to get close to other animal. That’s. A beautiful creature. Our Animal Rescue Tulsa. This may interest you. Please call us today. And if you don’t want to add a warning now you can just donate donate five ten bucks. You know a lot of people ask you died but where one is going to help help plenty of animals live and breathe the way they want to. We want to expand to be able to take care of more animals eventually. That’s our goal. That’s where we want to go home.
More and more animals. We’re going to hire all people and to do that we needed money. So if you had done it it would help keep animals off the street and keep them out of pounds. And you could help them live life like if you have any questions about animal rescue tools. Let us know what you’re thinking and. How you could help in this house and how we can help you. You want satisfied customers to have beautiful relationships with their animals that they found at his house. If you have a pet supply it is also a pet supply store where we have leashes collars and that sort of thing. And we would love to sell those to you especially after you adopt the pet. We. Hope that you can make your pet comfortable in your home and to get up to it and make it feel loved and walk around and appreciate it. So please partner with us in creating a wonderful environment for these beautiful animals. I wish I feel appreciated and loved every day of their lives. So please partner with us and help us accomplish our goal expanding and taking care of more pets. Every day and making sure that they’re living the life that they deserve.