Whenever you get a pet from the Animal Rescue Tulsa center this is a best friend that you’re going to be able to keep for a very long time. you’re going to keep this dog for the rest of his life. and that is a huge commitment we do understand. but we also know that it’s going to be as rewarding as anything else that you could possibly be doing this week or this year. because this dog is going to love you unconditionally. and it’s going to be something that you love back

and that is because we know whenever it comes to a best friend there’s one that’s going to be any better than a dog. Because this dog is going to be very loyal to you and committed to making sure that it tries to make you happy. There’s nothing these dogs want more than to make their owners happy. and that’s a huge deal whenever you are adopting a dog from the Animal Rescue Tulsa These are some of the best dogs you can possibly ever have. because they are going to be very appreciative. and they’re going to be just as great as any other dog probably better and that is something that we tell you from experience

Whenever you come and get one of these dogs you’re going to know that they have been picked up and rescued. but then they have been playing with and hanging out with us. They have already been worried about any mail. In fact , many people seem to think that the reason is absolutely not the case.

I’m back with the majority of dogs at the Animal Rescue Tulsa, really great dogs. Many of them have been bred. Many of them are just unlucky. and Many of them are puppies because they were headed to a time when somebody didn’t want puppies or they didn’t have the resources to take care of a little puppy. and they weren’t responsible for their pets. so they dump the puppy somewhere and they just hope that people come and get them.

But many times what ends up happening is these puppies are not taking care of, they don’t end up anywhere, they are just on the streets and they don’t even have a mom dog to take care of them. This is the type of animal that we know absolutely deserves and of our help and gives it a second chance at life. So we suggest that you give us a chance to show you the way with your new best friend. and you were going to love it whenever you do you’re going to be so glad that you picked up your best friend and came down here and let us show you the way that life could be. because life is going to be a whole new change with your new dog.. So go to the website havanashouse.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Great dogs need rescued too

Everybody’s heart melts whenever they see the pictures of The Abandoned Dogs on the website of the Animal Rescue Tulsa. whenever you see these cute animals you just assume that somebody is going to get one of those cute dogs because they’re just so darn cute somebody but adopt because comes Because we keep dogs we always think that somebody else is going to step up

We would have nobody do what if that dog that you think is so adorable and he thought would be just perfect for you is one of the dogs that nobody ever picks. and that dog that you thought would be so good whenever you saw it on Animal Rescue Tulsa webpage, But then in the same thought you thought to yourself well of course somebody is already going to have to adopt that dog because it’s so cute.

\somebody’s going to want that dog as much as I do so I don’t have to worry about it being adopted because somebody will definitely have it Adopted Have you ever ask yourself what if you’re wrong what if that dog does not get a home what if a family doesn’t come and pick that dog that you think would be perfect. because that dog might be absolutely perfect for you and your family.

The only way this is going to stop it from getting a home is if people like you don’t show up to come get it. because that means that nobody brings that dog home and they don’t ever get that second chance in that forever home. and while you think that dog is perfect there may be other people that do not.

People at theAnima lRescue Tulsa are very dedicated to these animals in their dedicated post community. and they really appreciate all of the donations that they get whenever people donate from the town. and we know without these donations there’s no way we can still be an operation and there’s no way that we can still be helping these dogs. but we need anybody that feels so moved to step up and help us. and also we need Animal Rescue Tulsa people to step up and adopt these dogs

because when the dogs get adopted there is less need for the donations. but we are here to do good work and we’re here to help these animals and we hope that you will too. even if that is a donation or adoption. however you want to help. Even if you want to volunteer your time, we love that too. because we are here to make sure that we are taking care of the Stray Dog community. because they don’t ask to be here.l

So we hope that you give a dog a second chance and come down here and let us show you the amazing selection of dogs just waiting to go home with you. Go to the website at havanashouse.com. There is a contact form for you there, and someone will reconnect with you shortly.