We know that when it comes to animal rescue Tulsa, there are a lot of options for you to serve. We know you can get a pet store that any other adoption agency and you can get a pet. Honest to goodness we don’t care waited to pack from his long as you are rescuing a pet. Adopting a pet is the best thing you can do and it is one of the most satisfying and most effective things you can do for the pets in our community. So we would love for you… And we would love for you to adopt one of our rescue packs.

However if you choose to go to 70 ounce we are absolutely okay with that because we know that a mean that you are getting a pet to venture home to last. The judiciary right then and there why we are the best in my you can want to choose us in the first place because we actually don’t care if he chooses me just one piece pets be adopted. That’s how passionately are bugging it back into good homes. We know what they’ve been doing know that they’ve gone through absolute torture at some point and they have been neglected and not bad and not cared for not getting water. Sometimes they aren’t even without the creators have to go to the bathroom in their crate and never get to stretch their legs they fit in filth all day and then no one takes any tension in.

We want to change all of this. That is why we have started this animal rescue Tulsa business of Havana’s House. That is why we spent day and night getting these animals out of these bad situations and into good homes. We do whatever it takes to help them and we are truly passionate about this so whenever you work with us even if he does and if you are passionate felt the same way. Soon as you get your hands on these animals you’re gonna love them so much of it already anything for them. And there is a way about you.

Glenn start adopting today. United is a change liking your attention-anyone you know a change of life. Your kids will love and I can enjoy having a new animal house. Don’t hesitate to adopt or even just foster enamel today. Anything to get them into a home that is full of life.

To visit our website www.havanashouse.com or call us to find out more information. We want to be able to work with you and we want you to join in our quest to and animal cruelty. For all of the animal rescue Tulsa questions, visit with that at Havana’s House. We can only get started on your adoption anything we can help you even just start’ whatever it is they are wanting to do even if you wanted on a test, we can help with that. Just let us know and get the copyright gives a chance to see why we had a mustache and we’re the best in the business. We know we have the animals you’re gonna love even if you don’t thickening home, you could just claim it in our store.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Adopt With Us

Do you think that you are someone who can actually talk to? I am looking at animal rescue Tulsa and you want to find someone to foster or adopt an animal with? Without over here at Havana’s House, we not only have all the energy to choose from to get any and all for you, you’re also available work on Titus you would like to. They’re always looking for volunteers and always looking for donations to buy supplies client to animals fat and happy and healthy. The animals that come from about situations in the liquidated homes. To let you an office market data you want to come adopt a versa. Scientifically fine. Having helplessly display your help. We are always looking for volunteers to come in and put the animals and feed the bacon. If you don’t thickening on the like to get all the love into one of these animals is looking for a common occurrence in time with them today.

There also be careful for having an animal rescue Tulsa activists on their side. These animals need love and may have been without for too long. We want to stop that we really want help to the animal quality that we see going on even in the community of Tulsa. People like to think of these things happening in areas that are major cities where there’s a lot of crime and has a lot of whatever going on. It’s a step have it right here in our backyard. He could be living next door to someone you abuses puppies for all you know.

This is looking to start. Because we are such a passionate animal rescue Tulsa company, we are going to do everything we can to dig and really get to the bottom of where all the starts. To make sure that there are different rules and regulations are going to adopting animals and owning animals so that people can’t just any emotion because they want you something. To try to stop them and everything we can. And you can help us.

Visit our website were coming to started answering the giving of the way to follow with them immediately. The money and I can love having you to play with and we know that it’s fill your heart with sensitive and wanted to you can save them.

Succeeding in community adopt them in your home and community foster, markets and come to see them a few times a week or even every day if you want to play with him among them. Anyway that our website is online at www.havanashouse.com for you can see more information to animals we have available. You can also file a form to let us know you want to volunteer wanting to adopt one of my animals. We have a ton of options for animal rescue Tulsa and our story here Havana’s House. So has attained time. Come visit with us and that we can get started on your journey to helping and animal cruelty.