Animal Rescue Tulsa | how many animals has Havana help to?

That is going to be such a difficult question to answer how many animals has Havana helped. Well we can begin to help you try and figure that out as we teach time into Havana’s rescuing career. First off Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store with established originally and 2019. It during that year she rescued a large number of chickens that were abandoned at an Atwoods. Other than that check out I am aware of the three cats That she has been able to rescue that were pregnant and then had to attend. The kittens are now the sweetest and most healthy cutest kittens that are coming available for adoption soon. We are going to be the animal rescue Tulsa of choice for you.

On our website you are going to see the amazing and successful adoption stories that we have posted these are going to be personal testimonial from people just like you who reached out to Havana’s house when they were looking to adopt. As an animal rescue Tulsa Havana has a deep passion for helping of these animals.

This is going to be your opportunity to have a little of the first-hand insight from the people who had amazing experiences with us. You are going to find that have been absolutely the best way simply we ever go if you are looking for a new companion to bring in your home that is a testimonial Victor M on our website. You will be amazed at the opportunities of adoption that there will be when you are using of your animal rescue Tulsa.

Our amazing team is going to be dedicated in finding the right animal for you. We don’t mind the you taking the time to spend with the animals as you get to know them and they get to know you on a personal level before they leave our home. And honestly that’s what this is you are not going to some horrible panel looking at cold to bring dogs on a concrete floor. You are actually coming into our home as the gas to meet these animal. This is one of the things that makes us different than any other animal rescue Tulsa.

Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store is dedicated to being animals in our community facility development and needs to be rescued you can always reach out to our site and contact us and we will do our best to get there quickly to ensure the safety of that animal. You can also go to our website to read more of our success stories and to donate either time or make a financial contribution to help keep our project going. We are passionate about taking care of animals in our community to ensuring that every animal get love it. All animals need to be cared for and we are here to do that. Don’t delay contact us today animals needing your help now.

Animal rescue Tulsa | where do great dogs it come from?

You were going to come to Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store and find out where great dogs come from it. With our animal rescue Tulsa you are going to find that we have the greatest dog ever. Our dogs are going to come to us as rescues some of them and may have been strays that wandered away from home and got lost or may been removed from abusive situations or neglected situations. These are all going to be things that we are going to help rehabilitate it these dogs for. Once the dog initially comes that we are going to be taking it to a veterinarian to have a complete medical exam. From there we are going to determine what medical treatments this talk is going to need.

Once the dog it makes a complete recovery from either in a shot any medical surgeries required including a spaying or neutering we are going to be bringing that dog into our home. As an animal in our home it is going to be exposed to a variety of other animals as well as a large number of children. This is going to ensure that the animal is well socialized and that it will be able to handle the stresses and emotional ups and downs of being a pad in a family with children and other animals this is one of the services that our animal rescue Tulsa offers.

While a dog in our home is going to be well loved it is also going to be treated as though it is a family member because until it goes home with you it does belong to our family. So therefore you are going to understand why will we will be extraordinarily protective of the animals before they leave our care. These animals mean absolutely the world to us and Havana is extraordinarily passionate about taking care of animal therefore we work very hard to make sure that they are going to be going to amazing home.

We are going to ensure that you are going to be offering at the most amazing home and that the animal is not just going to be part of the decor they will actually be a valued member of your family. We are not going to allow a dog to go to any home were we feel that it will be mistreated or abused. We are going to make sure that the animals are still being treated with the same compassion and caring that we are providing them while they and are in our home. This is why we became an animal rescue Tulsa.

Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store is dedicated to ensuring that animals are being rescued and well treated. At our website you are going to be able to find out more information about how you can help us on our mission. You can also purchase supplies for your new furry friend. And it you can check out the upcoming events page to see where we are doing our next event that you can bring your new best friend too. Our webpage is available at for you to browse at your convenience.