Animal Rescue Tulsa | how does the rescue work?

You are going to find that at Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store we are going to be able to offer you the most amazing rescues. We are going to be animal rescue Tulsa where you are going to be able to find a dog, a cat or even a chicken that is exactly what this place is going to do. You may contact our amazing offices where we will be happy to facilitate you meeting a potential adoption Pat. We want each of our amazing animals to find a new home that is why we created this animal rescue Tulsa.

But to ensure that all of our animals are going to a good home we need to be able to talk to you. You are going to want to go to our website and fill out the contact us information if you are interested in adopting a animal from us. We have a wide variety of Pat even one see what normally think to find at a rescue. Therefore we have become a if the animal rescue Tulsa. We do not just stick to Dogs if you are looking for chickens, or docs we have these available as well.

We also have an amazing supply store for you to be able to purchase anything in the you are going to need to go with your new pet. These animals are often broke in or injured and taken time to recover so no worries if there is nothing currently available on our website that you are interested in. These animals are not posted available for adoption until after we have gone through would be complete recovery process with them. You are going to be able to find that we will be able to accommodate most of your requests a.

Havana is a passionate young woman who is driven to taking care of a forgot and animals. This has become her process she is all about saving animals whether they are domesticated or not she has spent count less hours nursing animals back to health. Even staying up all night or waking up every 2 to 3 hours to feed motherless kittens. This young woman’s dedication to this cause will astound you.

You are going to find at Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store that we strive to provide the best possible care for these poor animals. We are going to do our best to assure all of them that you will be taking the best possible care of them. So whether you are looking to adopt a new friend, or if you are just simply interested in volunteering some time so you can come love on some sweet kitties, you are going to be able to contact us at our website at is where you are going to be able to make a financial contribution as well schedule appointments to come in and discuss with us about your adoption options. While you’re at our website be sure to check out our success stories.

Animal rescue Tulsa | what products do I need?

You are going to find that the product we are going to be able to provide it with you to supply your pet needs are going to be off the charts. At Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store we strive to find a the highest quality and the best prices for you when it comes to your pet supply needs. We are going to be able to provide you with all of those supplies you will need for your newly adopted furry friends. While you are at our site you are going to be able to the all of the amazing items that we have to offer at the most excellent of our prices. You are going to see why we are the leading animal rescue Tulsa site. All of the purchases that you make on our site are going to go back into helping the animals.

You will be amazed at the gorgeous collection of leashes and collars that we have more your new dog. These choices can go from the most vital and normal to the most extravagant colors that you could possibly imagine. Do you want your dog to wear a bow tie okay no problem we’ve got those. As an animal rescue Tulsa we are pleased to supply you with all of these amazing products. We do like to your be used to be leather that’s great we can offer that too. We also offer the highest quality in the makeup products to your dog so that you are dog always leave smelling like a room full of roses.

You are also going to want to check out all of our amazing products that come to raising chickens. Since we end up with many chickens and our rescue you are going to find that we have chicken coops and high-quality chicken be available. As an animal rescue Tulsa we do not discriminate and only take dogs and cats. We will take any animal that is in need of rescuing. So we have chicken and go and frogs. Therefore we will have supplies for all of these variety of animals for you.

You will be pleased to find that that we are going to be supplying you with the most awesome things. At the most affordable prices. While you go to some websites and you find a reasonable price and then you find out that shipping is ridiculous amount of money that is not a problem you are going to have to worry about with us. We offer local pickup as well as reasonable every place and then you are going to easily be able to afford.

Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store we truly believe in helping those who cannot help themselves. That is why we helped focus on animal Havana the young woman is extraordinarily passionate person when it comes to dealing with the struggles that these poor animals are facing. You can read more about her story and hours will adoption stories on our website at There you can also find out more about our mission and your donation opportunities.