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If your needing to put your animal in an animal rescue Tulsa facility we want your animals here at Havana’s house. Havana’s house is very passionate about helping animals we will make sure that your animals Wilson care. Don’t go anywhere else if you’re going to have to put your animal animal rescue Tulsa facility on here at Havana’s house are we going to be able to help you like nobody else can. Your Havana’s house we are passionate about helping animals to make sure that your dog or cat or mouse or rat is going to be able to be well taken care of. This is not to be like Stuart Little when they don’t find what they’re looking for, but can be very well taken care of.

It doesn’t matter what you have, we love them all. If you’re wanting to put your animal rescue Tulsa on you can respond here. You can help us in any way possible and were going you did. Don’t go anywhere else you’re looking for something that is going to be very beneficial to not only you but every else involved. When you come by and join us at the Havana’s house animal rescue you are doing a worthy cause. Don’t go anywhere else you’re one great team today.

Havana’s house were going to best ways for you to go to is going to be able to experience not only the love of animals but also fill a very great satisfaction with everything involved. At Havana’s house we’re going to be the best in town for everything you’re going to be thrilled. Once you come by Havana’s house you’re going to be able to see if we can offer to help you find the rear. We want to make sure they’re ready comes to be wilting cares what you’re trying to help your animal get the best life possible. Here at Havana’s house we’re going to be the number one animal rescue Tulsa facility status. Don’t go anywhere else in your way and find something that where they are in their life.

When you come in you’re going be able to see her then we can do for you and be able to be. It can be done with everything we can find here animal in the process that is which animals are in order to get adopted. This again be very good for you because your gun be able to have confidence knowing that your animals to go to on the take care of it. Nobody wants animal to go to somebody to be abusive and working properly but all of our adoption people to make sure they are not to do that. If we get any kind of idea the person into my be abusive to the animal we are not to continue with the adoption.

At Havana’s house you can help us out by either volunteering or donating. You are welcome both physical today and let’s see what we can do for you. Let’s see what you can do for us as well. Waiting longer before calling us and seeing what is available on our website by going to You can be able to check out everything on that we have to offer is also the animals and supplies we can bring youanimal rescue Tulsa | don’t be lonely anymore

Come by Havana’s house today if you’re looking for animal to adopt. This is going to be the best thing for you if you’re needing to find animal rescue Tulsa because we are going to be the best place. And of all the animal rescue Tulsa place around Havana’s house stands above the rest. Havana’s house we are proud to be the number one facility to get pet rescue and pet supplies from. Gonna be the one-stop shop for everything concerning pets we’re going to do we can turn your repeat business time time again.

If you’re needing something for your pets you don’t know where to go come by the store that is also going to be an animal rescue Tulsa place. These two combinations together separate Havana’s house from everything else because we’re going to be able to not only pair you with a pet but also get you all the supplies needed to take care of the pet. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have you’re going to be able to work together with Havana’s house to find something that is going to work for you. If you’re looking to adopt or put your dog up for adoption or any kind of animal up for adoption you need to call us today. Come by and see our facility to see how well we care for the animals under our care. This is going to separate Havana’s house from every else.

When you come by Havana’s house you going to be able to see her in a separate from the rest. You will be able to find a dog weather be a Dalmatian or golden retriever and you’re going to be blown away with the cares going to provide you. The dog is a great thing if you want one in your life you need to come by and adopt one instead of buying one from a breeder. Readers facilitate a industry that is going to cause dogs to die. Dogs die because people buy dog from a breeder and then find out that they can take care of them and then send them to a pound.

If you want your dog to go to a pound, then by all means go to a pound and pick one up from there. But here at Anna Havana’s house of you’re going to drop your dog off at any place please drop it off at here. We are so passionate about animals that we want to help them succeed give them the best chance at life. When a partner them with the family that is to be there for them every step of the way. We want families to be forever families for these dogs and not temporary families.

Come by Havana’s house today to see every thing that we have to offer. At Havana’s house we are so much more than just a animal rescue Tulsa place we are also going to be the best place to get supplies for your pets. If you’re unsure what to get for your new pet than we have options for you to purchase. You be able to get all the supplies that are necessary for your pet to see the best chance in life. These can be great for you and there can be great for your pet should always longer before going to Havana’s