There’s a lot of reasons to come to your local Animal Rescue Tulsa and we’re going to only give you the top 10. and we’re going to let you figure out the rest. because it’s not that hard to figure out. so we’re going to start with a lifetime of friendship. Whenever you get a new dog you’re going to find out that this can be your best friend. the next thing you’re going to find out is that they are going to love you unconditionally. and if you’ve ever had unconditional love before you know that it’s going to be better than anything you’ve ever had before

and then the next reason period is going to be just simply that you are going to be doing a really great deed. for an animal that deserves it. The next reason of course is that this is going to be great for your community. Whenever you help out you are helping out all of us. Whenever you help out one of these animals they are going to love you forever. your family is going to be so super excited to have a new member. and they’re going to love the fact that the new member is a cute furry dog.

your wife or girlfriend is going to love your new animal. they’re great way to teach your kids about responsibility and you can give them chores, meaning that they are going to have to help take care of the animal. to teach your kids to be responsible by making sure that they give them walks when they’re supposed to and feed them everyday on time.

you’re going to be able to teach your kids about the way that you are supposed to care for another animal. and you’re going to be able to provide your kids with a pet. and This is something that all kids need to have once in their childhood. is just part of the childhood experience. You can count your new pet as a tax write-off. your food that you buy for this pet is going to be written off on your taxes. because you rescued it and you took it off the hands of the government. Whenever you save an animal from being euthanized you are saving an animal from being taken out. and that is going to be something that’s going to be really great for you and the dog

These dogs don’t deserve to be at the Animal Rescue Tulsa but they are there anyways. and at Nepal that is their own. so whenever you come down to the Animal Rescue Tulsa know that these are wonderful animals that have got a bum deal so far. and you were there to make sure that they are going to have a better situation in the future. and whenever you’re able to do this you are going to be so glad. so go to the website at

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Bring home your new best friend today

Whenever you want to find a Best friend. Are you feeling a little lonely? We suggest that you go down to the Animal Rescue Tulsa. because I have so many best friends you are going to not be able to pick from all of them. because whenever it comes to best friends there is no best friend better than a dog. And whenever you have your very own dog you are going to know exactly what it is I’m talking about.

Whenever you come down to the Animal Rescue Tulsa you’re going to find out that there are so many really cute dogs. you are going to wonder why there are so many there. and you’re going to wonder why it is that they haven’t already been adopted. but think you’re lucky stars because there’s still some left and there’s going to be one that’s perfect for you and your family. This is a great way to teach her kids about responsibility. and it’s a great way to teach yourself about loving an animal.

These animals have already experienced people that weren’t so kind that abandoned them and left them to take care of themselves. but you know they’re going to have you and they’re going to be able to enjoy the Comforts of having a home forever. because whenever you adopt your animal you become very attached to them. and you become more and more committed.

you can know that these dogs are going to appreciate you for all that you do for them. because whenever it comes to rescue dogs layers from the very best best friends in the whole world and the reason why is because they know that they were left to be living on the streets. and you came along and you helped them to have a home again.

so you can imagine that they are going to be really great animals. Every time you get an animal from the Animal Rescue Tulsa You can make sure that you made a really great choice. because there’s only one choice that is wrong whenever it comes to rescue animals and that is not going down a scene which one you can help. because there’s too many to count. and there’s too many that need help. and without your help they’re going to be another dog that is going to be put down for forever. And there will be no second chance for these dogs.

Everyday that you wake me another chance for the dog of your dreams to make a new life for itself with you. and you could miss that animal because they could be the one on the chopping block that day which is such a terrible thing to say but it is just the reality of life

so whenever you come down and you check out what we have for you you’re going to love it you’re going to love all the dogs you’re never going to be able to pick the right one. so give us a look at the website at While you are there fill out the contact form, and you can be sure that we will be getting a hold of you as soon as possible.