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Have you been searching on your computer or laptop for “animal rescue Tulsa”? If so you might want to know more about Havana’s House, so here’s some information on the animals my family and I have rescued over the years. If you’re interested in putting a cat you currently have up for adoption please call or text us at 918-814-1806 or send us an email at

Many animals have been rescued by my family over the years. Multiple of the rescued animals are cats. One, named dart (which refers to how she would run around) was originally astray at one of the houses that the my family and I moved to. She started to come around our house and we started to feed her and now she is a pet and moved with us to our current residence across the street. She now enjoys joining the younger cats in their play fighting when she feels like it;).

Other cats the my family and I have “rescued” included Daylight and Midnight a brother and sister who came from a farm where the my family and I were originally going to buy some chickens. The ended up coming home with two cats after hearing from a girl who lived on the farm that she liked to torture things and was planning on torturing one of the cats. Her dad who ran the farm didn’t seem to know of his daughter’s intentions but my mom was able to get the cat the girl put in a cage out of the cage and although we were not able to bring that cat home, we were able to bring Midnight and Daylight home.

Daylight was very scared and when we got to our property to drop off the chickens mom told us to put the cats down and that they would just hang out around the yard not realizing that they would run away. Well anyways Daylight ran off into the forest and my dad and I pursued him until he got too scared to run and just hid under a tree. We brought him home and then he became the sweetest cat we have ever known. We would put him in doll beds and dress him up and he would just sit there and be so happy to be pet and loved on. Sadly Daylight was later hit by a car. But he will never be forgotten.

I believe there are many cats like Daylight who are really sweet but no one realizes it because I hadn’t been given the chance to show how loving and kind they are. So if you’re considering a place to surrender your cat that you are no longer able to care for Havana’s House, animal rescue Tulsa, would love to take care of your cat either permanently, or temporarily until we find a them new home. If you would like more information about Havana’s House, animal rescue Tulsa, please call or text us at 918-814-1806 you can also send us an email at Please not hesitate to reach out to Havana’s House, animal rescue Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Have you been looking up animal rescue Tulsa on the web, searching far and wide trying to find a great place to adopt a pet from?
Then the Havana’s House is the place for you! We offer animal adoptions, and would be more than happy to find the perfect pet for you. If you currently has a pet that you are unable to care for you can surrender that pet to Havana’s house and we would be glad to help find them a new home. If you’d like to start the pet adoption process or would like to surrender a cat, Turkey, chicken, or rabbit called a text us at 918-814-1806. You can also email us at for more information.

Do you want to adopt an animal besides a regular cat or dog? Why Havana’s house we also do chicken adoptions and would be more than happy to help you find some great happy hens to add to your home. The animal rescue Tulsa, known as Havana’s house specializes in helping great animals find their forever homes. If you would like to adopt a pet or have a pet that you need to surrender please contact us either by phone at 918-814-1806 or by email at If you have any questions about adoption or pet surrender or perhaps about the types of animals we are willing to take in please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

At Havana’s House we strive to make the adoption experience as easy as possible. So if you would like to adopt we would love to help you do so. Do not hesitate, for any reason with any questions or concerns regarding adoption or surrendering of a pet, because at Havana’s house we want every animal to have the opportunity to be loved and cared for their whole lives. If you are a cat person and are looking to adopt a cat then Havana’s House, animal rescue Tulsa is a great place to look into. At Havana’s house our mission is very simple, help every animal possible to have a great and loving home for many years.

If you are interested in adopting chickens, a cat or maybe a rabbit send us a text at 918-814-1806. Will get back to you on information about any available pets. If you know of someone who has an animal for their no longer able to care for its emotional, and physical needs laser for them to us and we will take great care of their sweet pet and find it a new home to love, cherish and care for him or her for years to come. If you are interested in adopting pets or learning more about our mission at Havana’s House, animal rescue Tulsa please reach out to us and we will be happy to get back to you with information regarding pet adoption.

If you are interested in pet adoption, thank you for that! We want to bring you into the perfect pet’s life is that both you and the animal can benefit from the animals adoption.