We are going to be an awesome provider of Animal Rescue Tulsa because we love animals, and each and everything that we do in our company is centered around the fact that animals in our community need to be taken care of. We make sure to do an awesome job taking care of animals at our company, and this is the only focus of our company so that we do not have to worry about other things such as funding or other things like that. We also have other funding that is used to run this company from the other successes that we have, so that will make sure we are always funded and able to help animals. We have some amazing and clean facilities so that we can make sure to provide a happy and healthy environment for animals and our employees.

Anytime that you were looking for an Animal Rescue Tulsa to donate to you should think of our company because we are going to do an awesome job with whatever type of donation you’re willing to give to us. We make sure to use any funding that we receive in an extremely effective way to take care of animals, and we do not pay ourselves to do the work that we do here at Nana’s house. We are a family owned company and we make sure to do an extremely efficient job with helping animals because this is the actual one and only go over a company, just to help animals.

We are not a massive organization, and we are far from the ““ nonprofits that claim to only be looking to help. many of these companies take in millions of dollars a year, and failed to provide a service that stands out from any other type of Animal Rescue Tulsa and this is where we are extremely different, we do not operate as an extremely large nonprofit that pays it employees way too much, and actually our employees are not paid directly by the company they pay into the company with their time because they have a passion for doing this work and volunteer with us.

Our team is made up exclusively of people who love animals, and are absolutely thrilled to be able to take care of them on a daily basis. We make sure that anytime you work with our company we’re going to do an awesome job, and surpass your expectations especially if you are an animal. If you are an animal you were going to be treated so much better here than you have been at any other shelter, and we were going to make sure that if you are on the kill list that we do everything possible to try and rehabilitate you so that you do not have to be put to death over a misunderstanding with humans.

If you would like to get in touch with our company or make a donation you can do this at your own convenience anytime at our website address havanashouse.com . Here you can also View tons of customer testimonials, and more and more about why we operate our company the way we do, and while we were up in the mall so much.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | we help more animals

If you would like to make a donation to Havana‘s house Animal Rescue Tulsa you were going to help us, help More animals, and we would be extremely grateful if you are going to help us help more animals because we are able to do an awesome job helping all sorts of animals things to the donors that are willing to provide their funding to us. We make sure to use this one as a family officially so that anytime my customers are able to donate to us, we are able to use the funding to the best of our ability to help animals, and not waste any of it. We are going to do an awesome job working with any animal because we care about them, and we want them to succeed.

Anytime that you think of Animal Rescue Tulsa you were probably thinking of Havana‘s house because we are going to be not only a provider of these types of animal services in Tulsa, but we are going to be the best. We make sure to be the best at everything we do each step along the way every day so that we can never let down any animal that is going to work with us because we know that our job is extremely important to making sure that they have a happy and healthy life, and if we are not doing our job correctly they are not able to ever live properly. We know that our job is extremely important, and we never slack on doing the right thing here at this house.

Because we are the Animal Rescue Tulsa that is more able to help any and more than any other shelter in the area of Tulsa, or anywhere we are going to make sure to not ever have an animal put down because this is not anything that we should do. We do not play God and we only are going to make sure to do right by any animals that list at our facility. We are not going to ever get to fall and start putting down animals because we are too full here at our shelter.

Because we were able to do such an amazing job for you and so many animals in our area we are going to continue providing our services until we are no longer able to. We love being able to help animals and because we have so many donors that are willing to help them also as well we have been successful in running these animal shelters for years and we will continue providing awesome services to animals in need for years to come.

If you are ever looking to make a donation to a company that provides shelter services to animals, you can visit our website at havanashouse.com. Here you can also learn more about our employees, and all of the amazing things that we do with our company.