As an Animal Rescue Tulsa, we have had many dogs come through our facilities. Many of these dogs have entered severe abuse, and they were not treated how they should have been treated. One of these dogs was kira. Kira had a horrible upbringing, and she deserves so much better. however, she was in a situation where she was impregnated, and then not cared for. When we received Kira into our care, she was completely covered in fleas and ticks, and she was losing most of her hair. She was so sick that she was unable to care for the babies that she shortly gave birth to. She had a long and painful birth, and several of her puppies did not make it. However, we were able to rehabilitate Kira and her puppies, and they are now living happy lives.

After Kira gave birth at our Animal Rescue Tulsa, she was treated with all of the love and affection that she always deserved. She was quickly treated for the fleas and ticks that were covering her body, and we began feeding her high quality food to help her regrow all of her missing hair. She quickly began to improve, and we saw great strides in her period over the course of two years. She was able to recover. She moved into a foster home where she was treated like royalty. Although she was very fearful and shy due to the abuse that she had endured, she slowly began to come out of her shell as time went on.

At Animal Rescue Tulsa, we are so grateful to have been a part of Kira’s success story. She has now been adopted out into her forever home where she is loved and cherished for the amazing dog that she is. She is able to live a happy life, and she is able to go for daily walks with her new owner. She loves her new life, and this could not have been made possible without the help of our sponsors and volunteers. We just really need volunteers like you so that we are able to continue to save lives every day.

Thankfully, Kira is living her best life now. We are so thankful to have been a part of her story, and we really could not do it without help from people like you. If you are interested in helping save the lives of dogs like Kira, we would love to receive your help in any way that you are willing to give it. If you have extra funds to give, we would be happy to receive those funds for the purpose of our mission. If you have time to give, we would love to have you Foster or volunteer at our events. Whatever way you were able to help, we would appreciate it.

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing, please visit our website today at

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Stryker’s Story

Women Striker found us at Animal Rescue Tulsa, we knew that he had had a rough pass. He had lots of issues with other dogs, and he was very territorial. We knew that he needed lots of love and recuperation to overcome whatever he had gone through in the past. We decided that we would help Striker find his best possible future by finding him a good long-term foster. At his foster home, he struggled with impulse control. However, he was able to overcome a lot of this through proper training. This was a big part of Striker’s story, and we are so grateful to have been able to be a part of that.

During Striker’s two years with us at our Animal Rescue Tulsa, we saw so much improvement in him. Striker had so much energy as he was a very young dog, so we had to find the correct ways to channel that energy for him. he was able to make major strides in his training and his work in general. he became a very well functioning dog in the household of his Foster home, and he was very well loved by all.

Thankfully, after 2 years here at our Animal Rescue Tulsa, striker was able to be adopted out into his forever home. Striker is now living a very happy life where he goes on runs every single day. He is so loved and spoiled, and this never would have been possible without our organization. Thanks to volunteers like you, we are able to save lives like his every single day. There are so many dogs in the Tulsa area and need, and we love being able to partner with people like you so that we can make this kind of life change possible. We are so passionate about what we do, and we are so grateful that passionate volunteers like you can help us too.

We love what we do, and we really hope that you will partner with us to make more life changes happen. We are so excited about everything that is happening in the future and all of our events that we have coming up. We have lots of different events to improve the lives of the dogs in the Tulsa area, including events to spay and neuter dogs, as well as to help vaccinate them. We offer all of these services at either no charge or very low fee. We love being able to do what we do, and it is only through volunteers like you.

There are many different ways you can get plugged in here at Havana’s house. One of those ways is through fostering. When you choose to foster, you are offering your home up to a loving dog. You can also volunteer at our events. Finally, we would greatly appreciate any funds that you were able to offer us. We run off of donations, so it is especially important that we are able to receive donations so that we can continue to save dogs. please visit our website today at