Animal Rescue Tulsa | are you looking for an animal rescue like no other?

You are going to find that Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store is not going to be your normal animal rescue Tulsa! You are going to find that we operate in a different capacity. Most animal rescues you go to you walk around a concrete cold hard building and then have to look at bad empathetic animals just laying around on a cold hard floor. Sometimes that they are leave and laying in their own fill or laying on dirty muddy floors. Sometimes that there may be a full and the wall for them to go out to the backyard if you want to call it that it’s usually a small fenced in strip of grass for them to poop on. At our facility you are going to find that this is nothing like this horror story I described above.

Instead you are going to be welcomed into Havana’s actual home. That’s right I said that correctly Havana has actual home. Where she and her family sleeps so to these rescued animals. With the exception of the chickens have their own grandiose coop in the back yard. But any of the dogs or cats that are actually rescued stay in the home with Havana and her family. This is going to ensure that these animals are being handled on a regular basis so they become well socialized. This is what’s going to make us that the animal rescue Tulsa of choice for you.

Our animals are all loved and cared for on a personal level by Havana and her brother and sisters. These animals are treated as though they are already the family pets, because until they are adopted they are family. These animals are going to be loved and cared for. They will be taken to the veterinary offices to ensure that they have full veterinary exams and are completely healthy before they go home with you. They will also be spayed and neutered as necessary for their age.

When you adopt an animal from us you are adopting from the animal rescue Tulsa, that actually cares not only about your well-being that the well-being of the animal that you are adopting from us. All the money that comes into Havana’s house actually goes into taking care of the animals and in to the rescue organization and sell.

You are going to find out all of the information for adoption on our website at, where you can also find out more information about upcoming events that are being sponsored by Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store as well as information about pets that are currently available for you to adopt. Our supply store is also available online at where you are able to make any purchases for your current pads or pets that you are adopting from us. All of our products are going to be of the highest quality and going to be the best resources for you to use.

Animal rescue Tulsa | is adoption right for me?

You’re going to find that adoption is going to be the right choice for everyone. When you come to Havana company you are going to find that we have rescued some of the sweetest and most amazing animals. As animal rescue Tulsa you’re going to find that we will be able to provide you with the most phenomenal pads that you could possibly imagine. Our pets have all been taken to the veterinary clinic where they have received all necessary veterinary care to ensure the best health. While at the clinic if they are of the appropriate age they also received any medical procedures and necessary including being spayed and neutered if age appropriate. They also will have received all of their shot.

While with us you are going to find that these animals have been raised by and and have been nurtured and loved it. This animal rescue Tulsa is going to ensure that these guys are going to be wonderful additions to your homemade. These are going to be lovely to have the little dogs and cat that will become a part of your family. You will never have to question whether adoption was the correct option for you once you look at these sweet little faces.

You are also going to be able to find that we have a large variety of pets available not just your standard a cats and dogs. We also rescued chickens and ducks. So when you go to look for a new animal to adopt and bring in your home you are going to be able to have the option of bringing a chicken or With our animal rescue Tulsa eight you are going to be able to find that we also have a supply store available for you to utilize. This supply stores also going to carry supplies of for your chicken and ducks. Anyway our store is going to be able to provide you with all of your animal supply needs.

You are going to find is that on top of the adoption process all of the money that is spent at our supply store goes back into helping of the rescue. This money will go back into continuing to offer for medical care to these amazing rescued animals. These amazing services are provided by our fantastic event that we have been taking our personal animals to for a number of years.

At Havana’s House Animal Rescue & Pet Supply Store you are going to find all of the information available on our website at where you will see the coolest success stories on how these animals have been rescued and who we found to to adopt these little guys. You are also going to be able to contact us about upcoming events that we have scheduled, where about a financial contribution to our cause. Havana thinks you personally for taking the time to check out the webpage. As animals are truly greatest passion.