There is only one Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter you are going to want to go to and that is going to be none other than Havana’s house. With Havana herself creating this animal rescue and pet supplies store, her Mission has been to ensure that every animal is not neglected, but has a warm and loving bed to go home to. Because there are many different animals within our communities that do not have stability, Havana created this home as a safe haven for all of the animals that have nowhere to go. Although we love these animals from the bottom of our hearts, we understand that they are wanting to find them forever home and that is exactly why we need your help.

When you go online to our Animal Rescue Tulsa website, you are going to find our featured animals. These animals are our Australians who want to be rescued as soon as possible. Although his house is not a Kill shelter, these animals are not wanting to stay in this captivity long-term. We are successful in finding forever homes for all of these animals and I hope that you can help us with this mission.

Perhaps you were not in the position to adopt from an animal rescue Tulsa shelter, but have you ever thought about donating? Perhaps you have animals that are refusing the food that you have purchased for them from a new store. If this is the case, do not throw the food away, bag it up and send it on over to Haven’s house. We are always appreciating donations as this helps us spend more resources so that we can help these individual animals. Even if you like Cannon Tony items such as animal shelter materials or animal toys, it will be greatly appreciated by all of our restraints that are currently staying there.

If adoption or donating is not in the cards for you, then we have other reasons that we would love for you to help out our shelter here at Havana’s house. We have many different volunteer works available and can help you when you submit an increase to our website voicing your interest and volunteer work. and members of our staff will reach out to you as soon as they can and will update you on the different volunteer jobs that we have available. It is very important to us that the whole Community there’s together to put forward a safe environment for animals.

We would love for you to find out more about our company when you go online to where you can submit an inquiry if you have any questions or if you are trying to drop off any donations. be sure to check out all of the animals that we have available for adoption on the future portion of our website. feel comfortable knowing that you are going to be changing these animals’ lives for the better.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Rescue an Animal Before Buying

The only Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter you should be giving your time and investments to is going to be none other than Havana’s house animal rescue and pet store. Starting with Havana opening this house for all of these stray animals that have nowhere to go, her mission is to rehome all straight animals that are in the neighborhoods. All animals deserve to have safe and loving homes to go to and that is why we are going to support them. Animals cannot take care of themselves, which means that we are going to be in charge of their well-being and safety.

You may be asking yourself why you should adopt from an Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter rather than purchase an animal. There are many different reasons why adoption is always better than purchasing, however, it is a unique and personalized choice. However, you do have to take in mind that the majority of breeders that you are purchasing that you are purebreds from are just feeding into the problem of the increase of strays. Instead of looking for a purebred of one breed, there are plenty of animals that would love to be adopted by you that have the qualifications of that breed you are looking for.

If you are not available to adopt an animal today with our Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter, have no fear as there are many other different things that we could accept from you to have help. Our Havana’s House Shelter is always looking for donations. if your animals are not eating the brand new animal food that you have purchased for them and are turning their nose up in it, instead of throwing the food away, we would love to accept it as a donation to our other animals that could use it. It does not matter if you have old animal tools, animal shelter equipment, or even animal toys, Strays are going to repurpose them for the better.

However, if you do not have any donations available, we would love for you to take on volunteer work with our shelter. When you are on our website, you will be able to submit an inquiry showing your interest in volunteering and we would be more than happy to assist you in that area. While you are waiting for one of our staff members to reach out to you and provide you with volunteer work, we would love for you to check out our other success stories on our website to show that we truly believe in the adoption network.

There is no time to wait since there are plenty of animals that are wanting to go home. be sure to go online to to find a featured pet to take home to your house today. We know that you possibly have animal equipment around your house that is no longer used, so be sure to back that up and send it over to our facility as soon as possible. or, if you are not able to adopt and do not have any donations, then we would love to speak with you about the different volunteering jobs we have available.