animal rescue Tulsa | animal stories: sweetheart and deformed animals in need of help

So when you have chickens you’re supposed to “cull” or get rid of (most the time kill) any chickens that have deformities. Many people who have backyard flocks choose not to do this and I am one of them. We bought 11 white silky checks off-line and within a few days we notice that one had a scissor beak. Whether this chick had this condition from birth or was injured because of the fall for my hand is unknown. But either way we decided not to put this chick down and I’m so glad we did!

The chicks original name was scissor because of her scissor be condition but we later renamed her sweetheart because my mom said that we should name or something that wasn’t what we wanted for. She is significantly smaller than the other silky’s about half the size of one of the Cockrels but is doing well besides her size. The chicken feed must be abundant enough where it kinda collects in a little mound to make it easier for her to eat, but she is starting to figure out how to peck food as well. Just the other day she got a worm I was so proud of her.

I’m Havana founder of Havana’s house, animal rescue Tulsa located in broken arrow they care about little chickens and other animals he may not look exactly like everybody else or have deformities in want them to live. And not just live lives successful happy lives thriving emotionally and physically. Chickens just like sweetheart are widespread of the critics that she has the worst case of scissor beak they’ve ever seen which probably means that it is the result of the time I dropped her for my hand. Every time see her I feel guilty because it was probably my fault but her beak is now sideways but there might be other people out there who have an animal who has an injury because of themselves or their family but still really loves the animal and feels bad that they have an injury.

If you have a chicken like sweetheart who has scissor beak and you are unable to care for them or you have a blind cat, a deaf cat or a one eyed cat or chicken please reach out to Havana’s house animal rescue Tulsa. You can call us at 918-814-1806 and we would love to help your animal in need. Thank you for reading about sweetheart. She is a very sweet chick even though she is not the most tame. There are many chickens in the world like sweetheart need some extra love attention and care but are definitely not ready to die.

If you have a bird or cat with a deformity for you are unable to care for but don’t want to just let die please call Havana’s house animal rescue Tulsa and we will see what we can do for you and your pet. If it is a chicken, turkey, or cat we may be able to take your pet in ourselves give then they care they need. If the animal is a chicken please reach out to us immediately as I love chickens! Also Havana’s house animal rescue Tulsa is probably one of the only animal rescues in the Tulsa and broken arrow area that will accept chickens, to reach out to us today at 918-814-1806 and see how we can help you help your animal to live a great life despite his or her deformity.

animal rescue Tulsa | my love for animals

Anyone running an animal rescue has to enjoy being around animals. And I really enjoy being on animals. Animals are great because they’re so sweet and they just want to be loved on. There is not one evil animal in the world. Even carnivorous animals aren’t evil but they have to eat to survive. That is one of the main reasons why I enjoy animals: innocence. Animals are so innocent and sweet.

Havana’s house, animal rescue Tulsa sees animals as sweet companions who need care, attention, protection, and support. Animals should never be mistreated. I’m not a vegetarian as many animal lovers are or vegan. And I’m not against people eating meat however I do believe that we need to make sure that the way animals are being raised is humane not just legally but morally. Do we really feel confident in the way that our animals are being raised? If not we need to consider getting our food from another farmer. If you can’t afford better raised meat, eggs, and dairy products consider raising some of the on your own. At Havana’s house, animal rescue Tulsa located in Broken Arrow we give a thumbs up to people who raise their own eggs, dairy and meat humanely.

Pets such as cats and dogs need to be taking care of in the way that they’re getting enough positive attention, exercise, food, and shelter. If you’ve Artie gotten the pain realize that you are not able to care for their attention, exercise, food, and shelter needs we ask that you find a new home for your pet. If you need help finding your pet a home you can send us a text at 918-814-1806 we will see if we can do anything to help you find your current pet a new home.

If you know of anyone abusing their pet please ask them if they would be open to Havana’s house taking in the animal. That is the text at 918-814-1806 if you would like to surrender or know of someone who would like to surrender their animal and we will get back to you with information on whether or not we will be able to accept the animal. If we are not able to accept the animal we may be able to help you locate a new home for the pet. So email us at if you would like to know more so we can help you get a find a new home for a current pet our friends pet, or possibly adopt a chicken or cat if they are available.

If you are looking to adopt an animal such as a cat or chicken reach out to Havana’s house, animal rescue Tulsa, and we will let you know if we have any animals available for adoption. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding animal adoption or surrender. Please allow approximately 48 hours for a response. Will get back to you about pet adoption or surrender at Havana’s house, animal rescue Tulsa.