Thank you so much for choosing to work with Animal Rescue Tulsa. It means so much to us and we are so honored that you would choose to pour your time into resources into account information like ours. We do not take that privilege rightly, we will do everything we can to entertain your ongoing support interest. Thankfully as an organization, we have been able to rescue and help so many dogs that have been in terrible situations. One of those dogs that we would like to tell you about today is named alfred. When we first heard about Alfred, we had someone reach out to us about a breeding group that had quit taking care of their animals. their facility was overcrowded, overrun, and full of dogs that were in horrible condition. There were several dogs that had passed away, and there were several dogs that were barely surviving. Alfred was one of those dogs.

When this organization reached out to Animal Rescue Tulsa, they knew that they were in over their heads. When we went to look at the dogs, some of them were so covered in overgrown fur that they were hardly recognizable as dogs. Alfred was one of those dogs, matted for covering his entire body. He could hardly see your walk as a result. Thankfully, our team was able to step in and help in the situation. They were able to get all of the dogs cleaned up and shaved so they were able to walk and enjoy life for the first time in a very long time. Alfred was able to be placed in a foster home where he was loved and cherished for himself. Alfred had lots of problems with trust as a result of his mistreatment.

Because he was able to make his way to our facilities at our Animal Rescue Tulsa, Alfred was able to receive the care and treatment that he so desperately needed. Once Alfred was placed in a foster home, he was able to thrive and come out of his shell. where he had previously had to scrounge and fight for any food that he could eat, now he was in a loving home where he would be able to eat as much as he needed to gain back the way that he had lost. he was able to feel happy and safe for the first time in most likely his entire 2 years of living.

we would love for you to be a part of more stories just like Alfred’s. There are so many dogs that are in horrible situations just like this, and we need your help and resources to be able to step into these situations and rescue these dogs. These dogs are so deserving of our love and support, and we would love your help in doing this.

If you would like to donate, or if you would just like to learn more about us, please visit our website at

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Pinocchio’s Story

Because we are an Animal Rescue Tulsa, we see so many dogs come through our organization that are in need. It is so heartbreaking to hear all of their different stories, but we know that they will inspire you to step up and make a difference, so we feel it is important to share them with you. One of those stories that we would like to share with you today is Pinocchio’s. Pinocchio was an adorable Basset hound, lab mix. He was one of four siblings that was located in a field in the middle of nowhere in oklahoma. Unfortunately, there were other siblings that were found with him, however they were deceased. likely they had been starving for a long period of time and were left to die in a field. They were abandoned, and whoever their owner was did not care to help them.

When our Animal Rescue Tulsa got word of this, we stepped in right away to try to locate them. We went out and looked for them for a very long period of time before we were able to find them. After we picked them up, we quickly realized that they were all covered in fleas and ticks. Some of them had ticks that looked like they had been living on them for a very long period of time. The ticks were huge and plump with blood. This was very sad for us to see, as these dogs were living in a way that was less than how they should be living. These dogs deserved happiness, but unfortunately they were mistreated in a way that they were not deserving of.

Thanks to our Animal Rescue Tulsa, these dogs are able to receive help in the midst of this terrible situation. They were able to find a new hope. We were able to place each of them in a foster home where they were able to receive the love and kindness that they deserved. Because of the loving kindness they have received, they are now happy, thriving puppies. Each of Pinocchio’s siblings were able to find a wonderful home, including him. They are now extremely happy in living their best lives.

We would love for you to get involved today so that we can continue to create success stories like Pinocchio’s. We are only able to make these stories happen with your help though, so we would love it if you could get involved with us. If you have any resources or time to offer, we will gladly accept any help that we can get with these animals. They are so deserving of love and attention.

If you would like to begin volunteering with us, donating to us, or just want to learn more about us, we would encourage you to take a look at our website today. We have been working on our website so that you will be able to see what all we have to offer. you can locate our website at this web address: Thank you for your consideration.