Why to come to the Animal Rescue Tulsa is to come rescued and waiting to be taken home and given the care and love that they deserve. Many of these animals go their entire life span without having a place to stay, riding food and shelter. So come by and rescue these animals since they have nowhere else to go and our shelters are constantly becoming full To the point where animals are being put down. Around 2 million animals are put down every year for their no more space for them to be in shelter for and getting replaced by new animals every year.

Come to the Animal Rescue Tulsa to find genuine and loving pets that you can take home now. Many of these animals, cross being their entire lives alone and there is no way they can always be having a home to stay yet. You can prevent this by giving them a place to live and giving them a home and food and water. Many of these animals are waiting for you and you can always visit them and see what you’re interested in and Mini World animals are always wanting to go home with our new visitors every day. Our animals are always excited to see new people and always meet new people.

Here’s why to visit the best Animal Rescue Tulsa. You can always meet new people and always mean you are an animal when you come and visit or shelter. Most of these animals always need new people to come see them and take them home. If you’re not here to adopt you can always come in to donate or they even a donation as in even $1 can help these animals and anyway. Any donations are always welcome. They ensure that our animals are always fed and taken care of and have shelter while they wait for their new families. You can expect from little frog animals to even large elephants the size of elephants to be at our shelter. Come see what’s good at the shelter so you can learn more about the animals and their lives that they suffer and their little lifespan. You can also learn more at our website and more about the animals at our actual location so you can meet a few and maybe even adopt one if they catch your interest.

Donations are always welcome for the animals’ food and shelter and you can expect for them to be very excited to see you when you come by and visit. So please come by and visit so you can meet Our furry or reptilian Little Friends. You can also buy stuff from our shop that we sell for our animals. It can all be very affordable even if our cheapest item is of high quality. This is to ensure that it is for your pet’s safety if a leash were to break.

For more information please visit our website at https://havanashouse.com/ and to learn more about these animals you can also visit the reviews of our previous adopted pets and their new owners.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Come By Meet Our Little Friends

Come visit the Animal Rescue Tulsa to meet our new little friends and possibly your new pet. over two million pets are put down a year and it is very unacceptable that these numbers are high. over two million animals are placed in the shelters and that is what makes 2 million other animals be put down for there is no more shelter in space for the animals. You can always come in and adopt new friends. if you’re not looking into adoption you can always come and donate and which will help a lot of animals with food and water and shelter. So don’t be shy and come visit us. Maybe you might meet your new pet that you can take home and you can even purchase a leash or water bowl from our shelter for your new loving animal.

What we do at the best Animal Rescue Tulsa is to ensure the quality of animal life is top tier and which they can feed and drink water to be able to live longer and healthier lives but do to animals being constantly brought in we cannot afford to be keeping our previous animals which we need to be taken into adoption or will be put down in the future. So come and visit us to learn more about our website and our shelter to learn more about what these animals have been through and where they come from and meet you owners that have adopted animals to this location. You can also always visit our shop to buy goodies for your new pet.

The best shelter at Animal Rescue Tulsa Is that location where we have many more animals and any other shelter for which we do not put them down at a faster rate than most shelters do. The lifespan of an animal shelter is either one week or two but we try to avoid that to get more adoptions in and give our animals a life that they deserve instead of being taken down to see where they don’t get to see their full life span. We can ensure this is possible by constantly staying up-to-date and letting others know that they can adopt an animal at a shelter ranging from small frogs to even the size of elephants.

Donations will always be welcome at our shelters if you’re not looking to adopt and maybe if you are donating I’m passing by to take a look you might even find your new pet to take home. So come and visit and you might learn more about the lives of animals that have been abused and living on the streets for the past years. You can always come to our events and learn more about our events in which food and water is provided for you and your pet and you can always make new friends and your pack and always make new friends at our little event at the park.

for more information visit our website at https://havanashouse.com/