At our Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter, you will be able to adopt a pet as well as check out all the different pet supplies we have available. Havana’s House is an animal rescue and pet supply store that we know you are going to love for all of your adoption and animal needs. With many different animals available for adoption when you go online to our website, you also have the option to submit inquiries to our staff for any questions you may have. If you would like to visit our facility or possibly offer volunteer work, you can also submit an inquiry online as well. Our main goal here at Havana’s house is to rescue all animals that need a home and a safe environment to live in. Everyone deserves a chance to be loved, even animals.

There are many different successful adoption stories here at our Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter. you will be able to see all of the successful stories whenever you go online to our website to submit an increase to adopt. With many different people getting rekindled with their forever friends, it is very inspirational to view and decide if adopting an animal is something that you were ready for. If not, we have many different animals that would love to have donations submitted to them or for them when they are in our shelter. happens to find a forever home for Oliver Strays that are currently in our system so we can provide the best.

Our Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter displays featured pets as this is a fun and good way to show off our furry little friends that are needing to be adopted as soon as possible. Even though Havana’s house is a no-kill shelter, it is still not ideal for our animals to be at our shelter more than they need to be. We believe that they deserve her home as quickly as we can get them one as well as the family and loving support of their new house members. To see our future with pets, you will want to go online to our website as well as submit an inquiry to see all the different pets that we do have available for adoption.

Havana’s house was created by a woman named Havana who has her heart broken every time she sees a neglected or abused animal. This shelter was created so all animals have a place to call home that is safe and supportive of their needs. No matter if you are in the market for a dog, cat, fish, or chicken, we know that you are going to be able to find any pet that is suitable for your home whenever you use Havana’s house.

Do not waste any time when you could be saving a precious animal’s life wherever you go online to our website at Not only are you going to be able to check out all the different feature pets we have available for adoption, but you are also going to be able to submit an increase to our staff to see if we could use any donations or more volunteer work. We know that we are going to be able to connect to your family as they happened before, so be sure to stop by Havana’s house.

Animal Rescue Tulsa | Furry Creatures Who Need a Home

Our Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter is going to be the ideal place to go for all of your adoption needs. Not only is Havana’s house animal rescue and pet supplies store a pet shelter, but as you can see in the name, we also sell pet supplies. This is going to make us your One-Stop-Shop for everything when it comes to animal adoption and animal care. With our mission being to provide every string animal in the community a loving home, we are able to make this possible with the continuous support of the community. It is up to all of you to help us continue changing the animals’ lives in our neighborhood. We hope that you can join us on this special goal.

It just doesn’t matter if you were needing to use Animal Rescue Tulsa to adopt because you are looking for anywhere to donate. If you happen to have any spare dog food or cat food laying around, then we know that our animals are going to love being able to receive such a donation. Perhaps you have some animal shelter equipment or animal toys that you are no longer using. please bring them to Havana’s house instead of throwing them in the trash. Our staff will make sure that they get repurposed in the correct way as well as provide these lonely Strays a sense of peace and love.

Volunteering at an Animal Rescue Tulsa shelter is also a wonderful way that you can help the community when it comes to decreasing the amount of Strays we find in our neighborhoods. you can volunteer wherever you go online to our website and submit an inquiry. one of the members of our crew will reach out to you as soon as they can to inform you of your different volunteer work possibilities. With many different jobs being available in the shelter life, we know that we are going to be able to provide you with a volunteer job you were going to love.

Before you try to purchase an animal by a specific breed, just understand that the industry you are buying into is not as protected or as safe as you thought. Many times within the breeding industry, the majority of these animals are involved and end up going to kill shelters. it is more beneficial as well as stops the circle of Strays by adopting strays. There’s no reason to keep Breeding different lines of animals when there are many different breeds that are available to adopt but to a lesser degree.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about the adoption process or donations and volunteering. wherever you go online to our website at, you are going to be directed to our future pets in hopes of him getting adopted. Perhaps you cannot adopt at the moment, but we would love to accept your donations as well as have you sign up for volunteer work. submit an inquiry and let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your Furry Friends today.